sâmbătă, 24 noiembrie 2012

9-22 November

Magnolia(1999)-9/10->Overlong and a bit messy? Sure, but the whole complexity of the narrative and how it's wound together make up for that. Also,the cast is excellent, maybe one of the most impressive American casts to ever come together onto the screen.

Belle Toujours(2006)-7.5/10->While it does have the pace of the predecessor (and that's a flaw more or less), Belle Toujours shows us the point of view of the best, but neglected character from Bunuel's film, having a great script, filled with terrific dialogues.

Everyday(2012)-7/10->It's slow and predictable,but this is a very realistic, emotional and up front observation of a family.

POLA X(1999)-10/10->POLA X is definitely Carax's masterpiece,a strange,intense and dense film,starting as one film and ending up as a completely different.Excellent,but completely underrated.

Tokyo(2008)-5/10->Gondry takes too long to get to his overly cliched point,Carax serves up a plate of his usual bat-shit crazy originality and Joon-ho starts off with a great idea,but he goes into schmaltzy predictableness.

Lawless(2012)-2.5/10->Messy,not as well acted as it should be and it's more lifeless than the subject actually is.The pros are the ending and the cinematography.

In Another Country(2012)-7/10->A quirky and light film,"In Another Country" benefits mostly from Huppert's triple performance.

The Fly(1986)-5.5/10->Goldblum gives a great performance and Cronenberg succeeds in making the audience emphatize with its' characters,but it is too gory for its' own good.You either make a horror story or a love story.

Compliance(2012)-9/10->Tensionate,convincingly acted and minutely directed,Zobel brings out the sinister in the story and though he doesn't show us a lot,it shocks us with the gripping suspense and actions of the characters.

vineri, 9 noiembrie 2012

12 October-8 November

Killer Joe(2011)-7.5/10->A proper revival for Friedkin, this crazy and violent film shows McConaughey in his most convicing and absorbing role so far. Completely insane, completely worth it.

On The Road(2012)-5/10->Salles manages to nail most of the atmosphere of the book and the cinematography is great, but the characters and the film itself never are as daring or as open-minded as the terrific source material.

Berlin Calling(2008)-6.5/10->Starts off great,sending the audience an unique vibe and Kalkbrenner is fantastic (as an actor and as a musician), but it feels dull in some moments.

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford(2007)-8/10->It's slow, but the runtime allows Dominik to properly build his characters and it gives the film a very contemplative and unsettling air (which Deakins helps to build), driven from classic westerns. Great performances from Pitt and Affleck.

Sin City(2005)-6/10->Beautifully violent and it contains some great moments of violent poetry. Fun,but rarely smart.

Something From Nothing:The Art Of Rap(2012)-6/10->It's nicely wound together, but the rappers should be aloud to speak more. Way too short in my opinion.

Mr. Nice(2010)-3/10->Has a great first half hour, but the acting and the cinematography are bad, and it never fully extents its' great plot.

Savages(2012)-4/10->Savages is often incoherent and tangled, the ending is bad and the film is way too long (like all Stone films), but the acting is amiable and it's sometimes refreshing to see Stone hasn't lost his talent of making fun, violent movies,which he showcased in "Natural Born Killers".

The Bay(2012)-6/10->It's not scary, the so-called scares being gruesome and very few, but The Bay relies more on suspense and originality of the story and outcome than most found-footage flicks.

The Watch(2012)-3/10->Rarely funny, relying mostly on dick jokes, but the cast helps the movie not ending up useless.

Mauvais Sang(1986)-10/10->A beautiful and unique film, Mauvais Sang is an original combination of Melville's suspense and poetry and Kubrick's imagination.

Rust And Bone(2012)-7/10->Cotillard doesn't do too much, it's often predictable, but Schoenaerts is fantastic, the ending is good and the camera work is terrific.

Ils(2006)-5.5/10->A chilling horror, Ils is a tense and scary film, with an unpredictable outcome, which will make the viewer shake in its' seat. 

Belle De Jour(1967)-6/10->A bit too passionless and dull for its' own good, Belle De Jour works mostly because of Deneuve's acting and charm.Also, Piccoli is a treat.