marți, 29 mai 2012

18-24 May

Klip(2012)-8/10->Klip is an intimate and brutal look at adolescence and the growth of sexuality in that period of time.The editing and the acting are very good.

Thursday Till Sunday(2012)-5/10->The director  never gives the characters enough space to develop,thus the characters seem very one-sided and bland.Otherwise,their fate is unpredictable.

Import/Export(2007)-10/10->Import/Export is a bleak and tough film about life,never expressed from an optimistic point of view and the camerawork only helps the film get more bleak by showing us beautiful,yet miserable paintings.Raw,yet brilliant work.

Without(2011)-7/10->A strange and unpredictable film,Jackson's debut speaks very widely and intelligently about solitude.Also,Jensen gives a top-notch performance.

Sous Le Soleil De Satan(1987)-7/10->It treats religion very conventionally,but Depardieu gives a strong performance and Pialat knows how to keep the audience tensionate about the priest's beliefs.

The Other Side Of Sleep(2011)-4/10->It has a good premise and Campbell-Hughes is good,but Daly never makes the most of its' premise and never completely explores the fine line between reality and fantasy.Half of what it could have been.

The Exchange(2011)-8/10->Some might regard the film and the main character as absent-minded,but Kolirin's latest succeeds in putting us in the same state of mind as the character and just make us contemplate on how change affects us and the ones around us.

Either Way(2011)-6.5/10->Either Way is a fun and simple comedy,very nicely shot and told. It also has a great soundtrack.

My Joy(2010)-6/10->My Joy is often incoherent,but the beautiful cinematography and the bleak poetry of the story help the viewer overlook its' flaws.

sâmbătă, 19 mai 2012

11-17 May

Battle In Heaven(2005)-4/10->Too pretentious to be artsy or provocative,Battle In Heaven has some beautiful and poetic moments,but the rest of the film is tedious.

The Delay(2012)-4/10->A dark and tedious film about old age,The Delay is a failed copy of De Sica's masterpiece,Umberto D..

The Avengers(2012)-6/10->The Avengers is all bullets,but almost no brains and the movie is quite overlong,the first half being quite slow.

An Autumn Afternoon(1962)-9/10->Ozu's last film is great,showing us,yet again,scenes from real life,which are relatable,but interesting and this might be the film which sums up the greatness of his work.

Chapiteau Show(2011)-10/10->Chapiteau Show takes its seemingly simple four stories,connects them through the medium of the circus,and turns them into a surrealistic,emotional and humoristic ride.

Monsieur Lazhar(2011)-4/10->Monsieur Lazhar is a failed attempt to overcome the 2008 terrific teacher-student relation exploration,Entre Les Murs,because it is too discreet to exert its full potential.Still,impecably acted.

Las Acacias(2011)-8/10->Las Acacias is a slow,beautiful and intimate portrait of a relationship which grows more and more close,in the end,blooming into love.

Bestiaire(2012)-2/10->Bestiaire is beautifully shot,but spare your money for the ticket,because you can just go to the zoo and watch animals there.You'll have a more rewarding experience.That's how tedious it is.

Big Man Japan(2007)-5/10->Big Man Japan would've been better as a short film,seeing that only the fighting scenes and the creatures are original,because the rest of the story is confusing and boring.

Cafe De Flore(2011)-7/10->The narrative is incoherent at times,but Cafe De Flore is emotional,without being cheesy or formulaic,and very well acted.

Scabbard Samurai(2011)-7/10->Scabbard Samurai is another original and crazy film from actor/director Hitoshi Matsumoto.

miercuri, 16 mai 2012

EXPECT-O-METER:Cannes Film Festival 2012

UPDATED 22.05.2012

Here I use pretty much the same system from an online article (,but here I give the percentage according to my expectations for the films which have been selected.
The films which do not appear,do not appear because I might have never heard about the director,or never seen one of his films,which is one of the main criterias I'm basing this meter on.

The "HELL YEAH" tier

Amour by Michael Haneke -> 100%
Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas -> 100%
Like Someone In Love by Abbas Kiarostami -> 90%
Me And You by Bernardo Bertolucci -> 85%
Mud by Jeff Nichols -> 80%
Final Cut by Gyorgy Palfi -> 80%
No by Pablo Larrain -> 80%

The "WHY NOT" tier

Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson -> 75%
Paradise:Love by Ulrich Seidl -> 75%
A Perdre La Raison by Joachim LaFosse -> 75%
7 Days In Havana by Benicio Del Toro,Pablo Trapero,Laurent Cantent,Gaspar Noe,Elia Suleiman,Julio Medem,Juan Carlos Tabio -> 70%
Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg -> 70%
Therese Desqueyroux by Claude Miller -> 70%
Sightseers by Ben Wheatley -> 70%
Room 237 by Rodney Ascher -> 70%
La Noche De Enfrente by Raoul Ruiz -> 70%
Reality by Matteo Garrone -> 65%
Vous N'Avez Encore Rien Vu by Alain Resnais -> 65%
Killing Them Softly by Andrew Dominik -> 65%
Journal De France by Raymond Depardon -> 65%
Student by Darezhan Omirbayev -> 65%
Holy Motors by Leos Carax -> 65%

The "PURGATORY" tier

White Elephant by Pablo Trapero -> 60%
Le Grand Soir by Benoit Delepine and Gustave Kervern -> 60%
Polluting Paradise by Fatih Akin -> 60%
In The Fog by Sergei Loznitsa -> 60%
Antiviral by Brandon Cronenberg -> 60%
Beasts Of The Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin -> 55%
The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg -> 55%
The We And The I by Michel Gondry -> 55%
On The Road by Walter Salles -> 50%
Rust And Bone by Jacques Audiard -> 45%
Beyond The Hills by Cristian Mungiu -> 45%
In Another Country by Hong Sangsoo -> 45%
Laurence Anyways by Xavier Dolan -> 35%
Lawless by John Hillcoat -> 35%


The Angels' Share by Ken Loach -> 30%
After The Battle by Yousry Nasrallah -> 30%
Trois Mondes by Catherine Corsini -> 20%
The Paperboy by Lee Daniels -> 15%
Confession Of A Child Of The Century by Sylvie Verheide -> 15%
Mekong Hotel by Apichatpong Weerasethakul -> 10%

luni, 14 mai 2012

4-10 May

The Man Who Will Come(2009)-3/10->It is well acted and the plot is interesting,but The Man Who Will Come is too dull and episodic.

Fright Night(2011)-5/10->Fright Night is a gory film,with good performances from Yelchin and Farrell,but for dumb entertainment,it feels too long. 

Siegfried(1924)-4/10->Siegfried is long and dull,but it's impressive from a production-value point of view.

Crazy,Stupid,Love(2011)-5/10->Crazy,Stupid,Love is a smartly written comedy,but the film isn't as crazy or as good as the debut of Requa and Ficarra.

L'Age Atomique(2012)-6/10->Atomic Age is a succesful mash-up of Gus Van Sant's honesty and up-close way with which he treats his characters' sexuality with,and minimalism,but it is very disjointed.

The Ambassador(2011)-4/10->The Ambassador is obviously fake and the main character is unlikable,but the story and the outcome are interesting.

Alps(2011)-6/10->The acting and the script are good,but still Alps has some meandering and incoherent moments.Anyway,much better than Dogtooth.

Bonsai(2011)-5.5/10->Although the editing is fantastically done,the film suffers from too many jump-cuts,thus making the narrative of the film to be very fragmented.

Get The Gringo(2012)-5/10->Get The Gringo shows us Mel Gibson at his best,but Get The Gringo is full of too many useless twists.

God Bless America(2011)-5/10->God Bless America starts off well with some smart satire,but in the last half,it fails in bringing something new or remotely funny.Also,the ending is predictable.

The Sitter(2011)-4/10->The Sitter is formulaic and Jonah Hill pulls off his usual performance,but the humor is OK.

Coriolanus(2011)-7/10->Fiennes's adaptation of Shakespeare's play is overlong,but it is fantastically acted and beautifully shot.A good adaptation.

The Color Wheel(2011)-7.5/10->The Color Wheel is full of fresh indie quirk and great characters,in a strange package.Possibly one of last year's most underrated indies.

duminică, 6 mai 2012

27 April-3 May

Polisse(2011)-6/10->Even though the script tries to avoid telling its central story right,by building others,the cast is terrific and it's an emotional and touching film.

The Temptation Of St. Tony(2009)-10/10->This tribute to Lynch and Tarr might be slow,but Ounpuu combines the beautiful black-and-white imagery with smart satire and some of his own bizarre touches.A very interesting film.

Clouds Of May(1999)-6/10->Clouds Of May is very similar to Ceylan's previous film Kasaba,but he fails to deliver some new elements to it.The story is good,but very unengaging.

21 Jump Street(2012)-6/10->Miller and Lord deliver a comedy which is both fresh and emotional,trying to entertain the audience,while also making them feel some compassion for the characters and also identify with them.One of the few latest comedies which actually succeeds in doing that.

This Means War(2012)-2/10->This Means War is a formulaic and dumb film,with bad editing and bad performances from the otherwise,good cast.

Week-End(1967)-8/10->You never know in what kind of order does Godard choose to tell his story,but Weekend's surprising humor,its' message on consumerism and how the film has kept itself over the ages make this more than worth watching.

A Bout De Souffle(1960)-8/10->There always have to be some ruptures in a Godard movie and they are not always welcome,but A Bout De Souffle is an influential and unique love story with great performances from Belmondo and Seberg.

Intouchables(2011)-4/10->Intouchables is cheesy,predictable and cliched,so the good humor and the acceptable acting can't save the film.

marți, 1 mai 2012

20-26 April

Littlerock(2010)-7/10->Littlerock is a smart and emotional (if not a bit too familiar) film,with good performances from the cast,but the cinematography is quite bad.

Slow Motion(1980)-6/10->Even though it is incoherent and sometimes a bit too gratuitous,Slow Motion is a deep and thought-provoking film about sexuality.

J'ai Tue Ma Mere(2009)-4/10->The director probably accomplishes his vision (a thing which the viewer should respect), but the film is often incoherent and dull.Also,the acting is too theatrical to be good or believable.

Jesus Of Montreal(1989)-3/10->Arcand treats its subject matter with banality and absolutely no subtlety and the only thing that sort of saves the film is the acting.

The Tree Of Wooden Clogs(1978)-7/10->It's too long and the subject is overly complicated,but Olmi does a fantastic job in getting great performances out of the non-professional actors he uses and the film possesses some sort of pictural beauty which incapsulates that period of time in which the characters live in.

Folie Privee(2004)-10/10->Folie Privee is a Haneke-derived minimalist masterpiece,with ruthless performances from the leads.The bleakest cinema.