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NexT International Film Festival 6th Edition : Reviews


Kitschitoarele 2.FM(2000)->7/10
Mihai Si Cristina(2001)->8/10
Poveste La Scara C(2002)->8/10
Marilena De La P7(2006)->10/10
Lampa Cu Caciula(2006)->8/10
California Dreamin:Endless(2007)->10/10


Hesher(2010)-6.5/10->The story is actually great,the dark humor is relentless and Levitt gives a good performance,but it could have been way better if Susser would have taken more interest in his characters.



Little Children,Big Words(2010)->8/10

Incident By A Bank(2009)->9/10



The Wolves(2010)->10/10


The Unliving(2010)->7/10

Silent River(2010)->7/10


La Gran Carrera(2010)->4/10




Frozen Stories(2011)->6/10


The Wholly Family(2011)->8/10



Infernal Nuns(2011)->3/10


O Mie De Lucruri In Comun(2011)->3/10

Dia Estrelado(2011)->7/10





Aurora Borealis(2010)->7/10





In Privacy(2010)->6/10

Hello Kitty(2011)->5/10








Error 0036(2011)->8/10

Body Memory(2011)->10/10

Strange Love(2010)->6/10



Death Of An Insect(2010)->5/10


The Millionares(2011)->5/10

De Azi Inainte(2012)->8/10


In Loving Memory(2011)->4/10


Walking Ghost Phase(2011)->4/10


Gogu Contraataca(2011)->7/10

The Dreamer(2011)->1/10

My Tired Father(2011)->3/10



Incearca Sa Nu Clipesti(2011)->7/10

Je Voulais Vous Dire(2011)->10/10

N-am Vrut Sa Te Trezesc(2011)->4/10

Superman,Spiderman sau Batman(2011)->8.5/10

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Bucuresti International Film Festival B-EST 8th Edition

La Source Des Femmes(2011)-5/10->Humor,pictural beauty and good acting can't overcome the messy storytelling.

Julia's Eyes(2010)-5/10->Julia's Eyes is good and thrilling fun,but the uncountable twists bring down the film.

Sette Opere Di Misericordia(2011)-6/10->The directors build up a suitable atmosphere and Melinte gives a good performance,but the film is too slow.Still,it's an OK debut.

Presume Coupable(2011)-8/10->With a devastating central performance from Torrenton,a great subject and a terrific ending,Presume Coupable is one of 2011 unexpected successes.

Snowtown(2011)-7.5/10->Kurzel knows how to build up tension and a proper atmosphere for this brutal,bleak and strangely,but beautifully shot film.

Les Geants(2011)-7/10->It's funny,beautifully shot and it's a great coming-of-age story,but the ending is very bad.

Hugo(2011)-5/10->It is well acted and it expresses its love for cinema,but Hugo is quite puerile and poorly written for a film by one of American's greatest film directors. 

The Yellow Sea(2010)-7.5/10->The Yellow Sea is a gritty thriller,with entertaining action sequences,a compelling story and some good acting.A bit overlong though.

Tyrannosaur(2011)-8/10->A gripping,dark and brutal character-study,with A-class performances from the leads,especially the one from Mullan.

Martha Marcy May Marlene(2011)-7/10->While lacking originality and a bit of strength in Durkin's directing,the film still benefits from fantastic performances(especially from new-comer Elizabeth Olsen and Hawkes) and a haunting,smart,psychological story.

Submarine(2010)-10/10->This a quirky and sweet chronicle of true romantic love,backed up by great performances,a strong narrative,mesmerizing imagery and a suitable soundtrack.

This Must Be The Place(2011)-6.5/10->Sean Penn gives a terrific performance,the cinematography is beautiful and the quirk is good,but Sorrentino's storytelling is very light.

Red State(2011)-9/10->With a sublime performance from Parks,good cinematography and tense dialogue,Red State comes out as a shocking and harsh social commentary on religion and its effects on people.Truly frightening. 

Shame(2011)-6/10->Although Fassbender is phenomenal and the cinematography is beautiful,the story has uneven pacing and it is quite predictable.Also,the directing isn't terrific.

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16-22 March

Fear And Desire(1953)-6/10->It has Kubrick written all over it and the camerawork is beautiful,but the script is mostly a mess.

Kasaba(1997)-6/10->It isn't an outstanding debut,but Kasaba has its special moments.

Ossos(1997)-8/10->Ossos is a slow,complex and very detailed character study,backed up by serene cinematography and raw acting.

In Vanda's Room(2000)-7/10->It's a bit too slow and overlong,but it's hauntingly beautiful and Costa uses his prior film subject to go even deeper in it.

Colossal Youth(2006)-10/10->The last part of Pedro Costa's Fontainhas Trilogy is the most depressing and strange,but the most intimate and beautiful.A film so humane it almost reaches the depth of Bergman's Wild Strawberries.

Spartacus(1960)-2/10->Spartacus is too incoherent and ridiculous and the cast gives wooden performances.The only amiable thing is the cinematography.Kubrick's worst.

Beyond The Black Rainbow(2012)-6/10->It does lack a lot of coherence,but it's visually stunning and it does have a good premise.

O Sangue(1989)-8/10->A great debut for Costa,this minimalist film is very different from his later work,but it still is beautiful,captivating and compelling.

Casa De Lava(1994)-5/10->Even though this is Costa's most pictural film,it's story is utterly incoherent.

Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Love The Bomb(1964)-8/10->Kubrick has made a biting satire which captures the strangeness that was the Cold War.

King Of New York(1990)-5.5/10->There's more shooting than storytelling,but Ferrara directs with style and Walken gives a ruthless performance.

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One World Romania 5th Edition:Reviews

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975(2011)-7/10->What The Black Power Mixtape lacks in coherence,it makes up for it in unique archive imagery and smart commentary.

This Is Not A Film(2011)-10/10->A powerful introspection into a director's interminable struggles,This Is Not A Film is a subtle rebellious message towards any oppressor.

The Furious Force Of Rhymes(2010)-8/10->As insightful as it can get,The Furious Force Of Rhymes is fast,loud and short.

A Small Act(2010)-7/10->It is a bit derivative,but A Small Act has a compelling subject and knows how to make the best of it.

Operacion:Diablo(2010)-4/10->Operacion:Diablo has a good subject and good intentions,but the direction is awful.

108(2010)-8/10->108 is a slow,atmospheric and beautiful documentary,with a great director which takes a seemingly simple subject and turns it into a wonderful moody film.

Fragments of a Revolution(2010)-7/10->Its subject is very well explored and there's a interesting side story,but the film is often derivative.

Canned Dreams(2012)-6.5/10->Its subject is treated too briefly by the director,but Canned Dreams is like a poem,short,beautiful and emotional.

Granito(2011)-6/10->Granito's execution is very classic,but the director knows how to explore the film's subject.

9-15 March

Detachment(2011)-6/10->Detachment benefits from some fantastic acting from the whole cast and a good script,but Kaye's direction isn't too good.

Naked Lunch(1991)-5/10->Cronenberg pulls off the vibe of the book and Weller gives a good performance,but the film is utterly incomprehensible.

My Winnipeg(2007)-10/10->My Winnipeg is more of a cinematographic essay than anything else,but the eerie atmosphere and Maddin's original script and direction make this a fantastic film.

Principii De Viata(2010)-7/10->It is a bit too long and the ending is not really good,but Ivanov's performance and the well-written script make this a compelling and realistic film.

Hawks And Sparrows(1966)-8/10->Pasolini's film is a humorous offbeat comedy,but also a intelligent commentary on Marxism and Christianity.

Oedipus Rex(1967)-10/10->Pasolini's adaptation of Sophocle's famous tragedy,is one of his most underrated films and actually some of his best work,for here he has filmed something a lot more coherent than the rest of his films.Also,some of his best visuals are found here.

Bad Boys 2(2003)-2/10->The action sequences are fantastic,but the punchlines,the directing and the acting are horrible and the script is cliched and formulaic.

Accattone(1961)-10/10->Pasolini's debut is a very bleak,compelling and complex character study,which benefits from a terrific performance from Citti.

Les Geants(2011)-7/10->It's funny,beautifully shot and it's a great coming-of-age story,but the ending is very bad.

sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

2-8 March

Goon(2012)-6/10->Scott gives a good performance which is very different from his usual and the movie is funny,but also kind of compelling.

In The Land Of Blood And Honey(2011)-1/10->It does have a good premise,but it's shot down by a horrible script,bad direction and wooden acting.

Young Adult(2011)-7.5/10->It is very predictable,but Cody's script is honest,funny and one of the best from 2011,Theron gives a great performance and Reitman helps the film with the indie touch he gave to Juno.

James And The Giant Peach(1996)-6/10->Although it's much more lighter than Selick's debut,James And The Giant Peach still is a fun adaptation of Dahl's novel.

Chronicle(2012)-6/10->The first hour of the film is original,well acted and smartly written,but in the last 25 minutes of the film,Chronicle becomes predictable and quite ridiculous.

Distant(2002)-8.5/10->Distant is a beautiful,yet haunting contemplation on life,with little dialogue,but so much to say.

The Untouchables(1987)-4/10->The script is OK and De Niro shines as Al Capone,but De Palma's direction and the rest of the acting are bad.

Quick Change(1990)-3/10->It is funny and entertaining in the first 30 minutes,but afterwards it becomes too unfocused and the story too contrived.

Eastern Promises(2007)-8/10->Brilliant performances from Mortensen and Mueller-Stahl and Cronenberg's direction make this another fantastic,compelling crime-thriller from Cronenberg.

The Verdict(1982)-7/10->Newman's and Rampling's performances and Mamet's complex script overcome the film's predictability.

The Grey(2012)-4/10->The photography is beautiful and Neeson gives a good performance,but The Grey has a bad cliched script.

Teorema(1968)-10/10->The subject is very well analysed,but very hard to explain,for Pasolini has made his main character an enigmatic symbol.Also,the acting is great and the photography is fantastic.

Mamma Roma(1962)-9/10->Magnani's bravura performance electrifies this compelling neo-realist drama.

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One World Romania Film Festival:5th Edition

The 5th edition of the One World Romania documentary film festival,dedicated to human rights,starts Tuesday,13 March and ends Sunday,18 March.

The festival's selection (consisting of over 50 films) is divided in 10 sections:

1). Online Revolutions
2). Between Fear And Freedom
3). More Pain-No Gain
4). Growing Up-Growing Old
5). Washing Up Dirty Laundry
6). Identity Check
7). Justice-Butt Naked
8). Activism Is Stupid?
9). Albania Special
10). Jennifer Fox Retrospective



1)."This Is Not A Film" is Jafar Panahi's latest film,a documentary about himself while being held in a house arrest.The film was featured at Cannes,TIFF,BFI and many other film festivals,and it is one of the best documentaries from 2011.

2).Jennifer Fox's Retrospective,because Jennifer Fox is a festival favorite at Sundance and each of her films (which are featured at the festival) explores a different theme (family,sexuality and religion).

3)."The Furious Force Of Rhymes" is the opening film of the festival and it shows rap music as a contemporary form of protest.

4)."The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975" is one of last year's most acclaimed indie documentaries and it talks about the afro-american community known as the Black Power,between 1967 and 1975.

5)."Canned Dreams" was featured at the Berlin Film Festival last month,so it's one of the freshest documentaries from the selection.


1).War And Art-Voina Wanted

2).Jennifer Fox's Masterclass

3).The Voice Of Liberty-Radio Free Europe In The Era Of The Cold War

4).Film + Human Rights=LOVE

5).Real Social Network(Occupy And Film!)

For a full schedule go here: One World Romania's Official Site

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17 February-1 March

The Green Butchers(2003)-7/10->Even the subject is a bit too grim,The Green Butchers is a well done black comedy with good performances from Mikkelsen and Haas.

Lars And The Real Girl(2007)-5/10->The film does have a good premise and Gosling's performance is quite good,but the script could have been better because in the last half of the movie the jokes are starting to get repetitive and the movie lags a lot.

The Secret World Of Arrietty(2011)-8/10->Detailed and beautiful animation and a good and intriguing story make this another great film from Studio Ghibli.

Kidulthood(2006)-6/10->Even though it's a bit formulaic,farfetched and it isn't as realistic as it thinks it is,it still is a bleak film,with good performances from its leads and a mostly smart script.

Wolf Creek(2005)-5.5/10->Although it is dull in some parts and the ending is quite bad,Jarrat's character is a special and fascinating one and he gives a hell of a performance.Also,for a horror film,Wolf Creek is quite beautifully and well shot.

Haywire(2011)-7/10->Although the story gets too tangled up towards the end,the acting is good,the fighting scenes are impressive and Soderbergh imprints his usual filmmaking style on the spy-thriller genre.

Dealer(2004)-10/10->Dealer is a bleak contemporary masterpiece with a brilliant performance from Keresztes,a slow and gut-wrenching pace,beautiful restrained cinematography and a perfect script.

The Muppets(2011)-7/10->The Muppets is funny,smart written,nostalgic and classic family fare,filled with new and old characters all of them being well done.

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia(2011)-6/10->Although the second half of the film lags a lot and the ending is unsatisfactory,Ceylan builds a strong and complex narrative and it is a beautifully shot film.

Hugo(2011)-5/10->It is well acted and it expresses its love for cinema,but Hugo is quite puerile and poorly written for a film by one of American's greatest film directors. 

My Week With Marilyn(2011)-6/10->Williams does succeed in capturing the best of Marilyn Monroe,Branagh gives a good performance as Olivier,but the storytelling is unfocused.

Death Of A Cyclist(1955)-8/10->Even though it's a bit too melodramatic,Death Of A Cyclist is a  beautifully shot and smartly written film.

Made In Britain(1982)-8/10->Made In Britain is a brutal social commentary,benefiting from an incredible debut performance from Roth and some great,gritty writing by David Leland.

Noi The Albino(2003)-7/10->The dark humor,Lemarquis's performance and Kari's direction save the film from its wrong pacing.

All The Real Girls(2003)-2/10->The acting is bad,the script is a mess and even though it tries to be better than the usual Hollywood romantic movies it ends up being worse.

The Yellow Sea(2010)-7.5/10->The Yellow Sea is a gritty thriller,with entertaining action sequences,a compelling story and some good acting.A bit overlong though.

My Little Princess(2010)-4/10->Huppert gives a good performance and it does have a great premise,but the script is messy and unfocused.

House Of Games(1987)-6/10->The acting isn't too good,but Mamet's script is filled with smart dialogue and unpredictability.

Edmond(2005)-3/10->Macy gives a great performance,but Edmond is a poorly written Mamet play which is never sure what sort of movie it is.

And Now For Something Completely Different(1971)-7/10->It's mostly a serie of skits,but it's a serie of funny,well-acted skits.