joi, 25 august 2011

19-25 August

Radio Days(1987)-8/10->Allen creates a charming atmosphere with DiPalma's cinematography,quirky characters,classic music and humor.

September(1987)-5/10->Though it benefits from some impressive performances,it is driven down by its dull and uninspired dialogue.

Another Woman(1988)-8/10->With a great performance from Rowlands,creepy narrative and bleak,yet smart dialogue,Allen builds a worthy drama.

Crimes And Misdemeanors(1989)-10/10->Telling 2 extremely different stories,Allen directs one with his usual joy and one with an unusual style and gut-wrenching suspense.Great performance by Landau.

New York Stories(1989)-7/10->Scorsese's segment is probably the most coherent and the one that actually provides food-for-thought.Coppola's segment is disappointing and extremely juvenile for a man that made a movie like The Godfather.Allen's segment is uproariously funny and it benefits from Questel's great performance.

Alice(1990)-6/10->It has some creative moments,its premise is quite original and Hurt pulls off a good performance,but Alice's dialogue is basic and it isn't a very insightful character study.

Shadows And Fog(1991)-8/10->With great black and white cinematography,an all-star cast which is not used in vain and quirky,yet smart dialogue Shadows And Fog is a great film even if the ending is a little bit flawed.

Husbands And Wives(1992)-9/10->An insightful mockumentary/character study,this stands out with its performances and intelligent dialogue.

Fast Five(2011)-8/10->With good-old fashioned high-octane thrills,some compelling scenes and great wit,Fast Five succeds in doing something its predecessors didn't.To be a good(almost great) movie.

Manhattan Murder Mystery(1993)-9/10->Even though this should be serious,this is hilarious.Also,the dialogue is terrific.

Bullets Over Broadway(1994)-10/10->Fantastic acting all around combined with an interesting story and one of Allen's smartest scripts.His best since Crimes And Misdemeanors.

joi, 18 august 2011

12-18 August

The Wackness(2008)-9/10->A compassionate and unique look on a familiar story.The Wackness creates its own universe in the mind of its main character with the help of music and humor.

Cars 2 3D(2011)-4/10->Even if it has beautiful scenery and the racing scenes are creative,Cars 2 is formulaic,unfunny and extremely messy.

Captain America:The First Avenger 3D(2011)-9/10->With worthy 3D scenes,a great nostalgic atmosphere,terrific fighting scenes and punchy editing,CATFA 3D is another awesome superhero movie.

Super 8(2011)-8/10->This works both as an homage to the sci-fi flicks Spielberg made and also as a sort-of horror-romance movie.Plenty of worthy newcomers.Didn't like the ending though.

Super(2010)-8/10->Darker than Kick-Ass,but not as awesome,Super is a compelling indie film,but also a heroic bloodbath.

The Proposition(2005)-9/10->A harsh and strong commentary on the right and wrong of justice.Brilliantly acted.

What's Up Tiger Lily?(1966)-6/10->This is funny,but other than that there isn't much more to this movie.

Take The Money And Run(1969)-9/10->With creative gags and slapstick humor,Take The Money And Run is partially a mockumentary and partially a hilarious runaway movie.

Bananas(1971)-8/10->It sure is funny and absurd in a weird way,but it falls flat in some spots.

Sleeper(1973)-10/10->It's quirky and clever,plus Allen's sharp direction and acting help to create a perfect-pitch comedy.Also,it's an interesting futuristic view.

Love And Death(1975)-9/10->It's a bit more thought provoking than his(Allen's) other films and its humor might be a bit dark,but it still is a good movie.

Annie Hall(1977)-10/10->With much more developed humor,fantastic performances and also its capacity to get emotional response from the viewer,Allen creates something very different from its previous work and also he creates a compelling and unique film.Terrific.

Interiors(1978)-8/10->Interiors is a depressing and slow-paced drama.Unexpected from Allen,but yet very well done.

Manhattan(1979)-10/10->Allen surprises again by combining humor with dazzling romantic scenes and black and white nostalgia.Wonderful.

Stardust Memories(1980)-8/10->Allen's artistic style is starting to get more sophisticated and it shows.Great performance by Rampling.

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy(1982)-7/10->It's not the humor that disappoints its the storyline's unexpected juvenile nature.Other than that,it has nice cinematography.

Zelig(1983)-10/10->It benefits from its intriguing premise,effective mockumentary techniques and great effects for its time.Short,but delightful.

Broadway Danny Rose(1984)-10/10->Great camerawork,smart narrative and fantastic acting stand out in this portrayal of a sort of a new character for Allen.

The Purple Rose Of Cairo(1985)-9/10->It's impressive that Allen has made the whole movie based only on a very inventive gimmickry and he was also able to add a little heart to it.

Hannah And Her Sisters(1986)-8/10->It is funny and it benefits from a great performances from surprisingly,Allen and Caine,but it's not as smart and creative as his previous work.

sâmbătă, 13 august 2011

29 July-11 August

Funny Games(1997)-10/10->This scary,unsettling and often interactive tribute to Hitchcock's Psycho is disturbing and quite realistic and Haneke succeeds in transmiting another message about the effects of mindless violence.Heartbreaking,yet flawless.

Code Inconnu(2000)-7/10->This is made in the style of 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance,but it is a bit more complicated to comprehend.Binoche is great,though.

La Pianiste(2001)-10/10->Huppert is fascinating in this shocking and intriguing,yet powerful and honest character study.It might develop slowly but it's worth the wait.Terrific ending.

Le Temps Du Loup(2003)-8/10->With stylish and unique cinematography and a beginning that packs a real punch,Le Temps Du Loup is an interesting and weird,even,thriller,that benefits from another great performance from Huppert.

Cache(2005)-10/10->Cache is an extremely suspenseful thriller,because of its lack of information,the thrilling performances by Auteuil and Binoche and its capability to be food-for-thought long enough after you have seen it.Before you see it,clear your head.

Funny Games U.S.(2007)-2/10->Yet another mot-a-mot remake.Improving nothing on the original,not even the acting this is useless.

Das Weisse Band(2009)-8/10->Haneke returns to the bleakest of bleak,but neither his narrative part(which is very well played out)can't make up for its exceded running time and ineffective tension.

Scream 4(2011)-6.5/10->More inventive than the 3rd one and scarier,Scream 4 is a mostly worthy sequel.

Burning Palms(2010)-8/10->Some of its segments might not be as shocking as the tagline promises,but this is well-acted,smartly edited and quite inventive in terms of sickness.