joi, 21 februarie 2013

15-21 February

The Fifth Gospel Of Kaspar Hauser (2013)-7/10-> Probably the most original take (but not the best) on the classic legend, a haunting portrayal of a mysterious character's psychology, this might be this year's Post Tenebras Lux, a film which most people didn't fully understand. And this is also the case here and I admit I didn't fully understand this one either, though I consider both films that they have offered the viewer more than meets the eye.

No (2012)-5/10-> Amusing, sometimes powerful and the commercials are pure genius, but No has some sort of annoying Hollywood touch to it, which Larrain's previous films didn't have, rendering the director unable to treat his subject with the cynism that "Tony Manero" and "Post Mortem" had.

Sans Toit Ni Loi (1985)-7.5/10-> A bit too episodic, Varda's bleak and strong film about a drifter (brilliantly interpreted by Sandrine Bonnaire), is beautiful. 

The Misfortunates (2009)-6.5/10-> Although predictable and not particulary positive (something I thought that would never bother me), The Misfortunates is misfortunately flawed even though this is an above average sweet and sour comedy.

Room 237 (2012)-5/10-> Although it shows some mind-blowing theories, it never seems to embrace only one of them especially and so, the film ends up being quite indecisive.

Nordvest (2013)-10/10-> No objections come in mind here really, Nordvest is fantastic, raw filmmaking at its' finest.

The Beaches Of Agnes (2008)-7/10-> The first half is great, but after that The Beaches Of Agnes gets boring and it starts to be more about Jacques Demy than about Agnes Varda.

R (2010)-8/10-> A bit faulty towards the end, but R brings out the horrors of prison unlike many prison themed films and the central performance is riveting.

Rocker (2013)-7/10-> Rocker is quite slow and the performance by Chiorean is sometimes a bit overdone, but otherwise Rocker might very well become a Romanian cult classic in 10 years or so.