luni, 18 martie 2013

One World Romania: 6th Edition

The Punk Syndrome (2012)-8/10-> The Punk Syndrome is a film which is strong enough to erase every prejudice that the viewer has about the subject matter. Great work.

The Mayor (2012)-7.5/10-> Luckily for the filmmakers, the character and his stories are fascinating, and most of the film's grade is thanks to that, but a part of that is also because of the good cinematography.

Anatomy Of A Departure (2012)-5/10-> It starts off well and stylistically it's terrific, but after 30 minutes or so, the characters start getting quite repetitive and boring.

Matthew's Laws (2012)-10/10-> Matthew's Laws is a heartbreaking and interesting case study, in which a director shows us his personal experience, making the viewer get attached to Matthew in under 80 minutes. An achievement in documentary.

Call Me Kuchu (2012)-7.5/10-> Call Me Kuchu is a fine documentary about a mostly unknown subject about the courage of a few people fighting against bigotism and homophobia.

Sofia's Last Ambulance (2012)-7/10-> Sofia's Last Ambulance discusses some very important themes, but the line between documentary and fiction here seems a bit thin to me.

Anton's Right Here (2012)-8/10-> A very tough film, Anton's Right Here shows the pain of the disease and how it can affect those around the suffering, without retaining any detail of Anton's sad world.