joi, 25 octombrie 2012

Les Films de Cannes A Bucarest:3rd edition 2012

Reality(2012)-4/10->Although the first part of the film is generic,at least it's energetic,but in the second part it loses its' energy and it becomes almost as absent-minded as reality television itself.Shame,for this is a great subject.

Gomorra(2008)-8.5/10->A bleak and unbelievably realistic film,Gomorra is a thorough portrait of the "Camorra".

Like Someone In Love(2012)-3/10->Great acting,but the whole film is lifeless and feels pointless.Also,the ending is really,really bad.

Holy Motors(2012)-8/10->The first half hour feels like a warmup and there's not much of a link between all of the "tasks",but Lavant proves once again he's a versatile actor and Carax proves once again that he's a genius,showing us that cinema is not dead.

Killing Them Softly(2012)-7/10->The first hour is great,the script is almost fantastic and the cast is terrific (especially Gandolfini),but in the last hour it feels like Dominik doesn't know how to get the film to its' end.Not saying that the ending scene isn't brilliant.

Ciulinii Baraganului(1958)-4/10->Though it starts off great,it was never a good idea to turn a 40 page novel into a two hour film.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild(2012)-8.5/10->Emotional and heart-warming,BOTSW is very childish,but beautifully told (and shot) and really imaginative.

Moonrise Kingdom(2012)-8/10->It's not very different from Anderson's previous work,but it still is a compassionate look at first love and childhood.Beautifully shot and the soundtrack is amazing.

Cosmopolis(2012)-2/10->There is some style,but otherwise Cronenberg bets on his dialogue.Not a good bet,because the film is tedious and the only cause is the unengaging dialogue.Mediocre acting,all around.

The Time That Remains(2009)-5.5/10->The deadpan humor is original,the acting is good and the cinematography is beautiful,but the film's narrative is farfetched.

Post Tenebras Lux(2012)-7/10->Much more complex than his previous work,Reygadas's latest will have you questioning yourself most of the time.Didn't understand it completely,but there's something about it for sure.Would give it an award for its' cinematography.

White Elephant(2012)-4/10->The acting is alright,but it's too damn predictable.

In The Fog(2012)-7/10->It's too long and Loznitsa has still got some problems with his narrative line,but it's beautifully shot,the acting is good and it comes together much more nicely than My Joy.

The Angels' Share(2012)-4/10->Unfunny and it seems like Ken Loach hasn't made something worth watching since "Looking For Eric".

Despues De Lucia(2012)-2/10->Works on a very simple system: (daughter does something bad,father cries about his dead wife/his daughter) x 20. Literally unwatchable.

Beyond The Hills(2012)-6.5/10->Overlong and the performance by Flutur isn't as great as it could be (most of the film she squirms), but it sends its' message about faith and just how far it can go,Stratan is very good and as always the camera work by Oleg Mutu is fantastic.

luni, 15 octombrie 2012

Anim'est International Animation Film Festival 2012:7th Edition


Arrugas(2011)-7/10->Arrugas is a fresh approach of the elder years,funny and sad,but even though the pace of the film helps the atmosphere,it still is quite slow.

Alois Nebel(2011)-5.5/10->The animation and tone of the film are very special,but the writing is a bit too thin.

The Lorax(2012)-5/10->The Lorax is beautifully told and it captures most of Seuss's spirit,except it's simplicity,that being lost in the unexpectedly Hollywood-ian elements.

Ronal The Barbarian(2011)-4/10->Ronal The Barbarian is funny,but it's predictable and most of the humor relies on gross-out gags.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices(2011)-6/10->It has an imaginative story and beautiful animation,but it borrows heavily from Japanese animation helmers like Kon or Miyazaki.



The Mobilphone(2012)-6/10->Concise,but light,The Mobilphone has intelligent humor.

Selfportrait(2012)-5/10->it has a good idea,but it doesn't make the most of it.

Face Factory(2012)-5/10->Predictable,but funny and the ending is somewhat smart.

Gang Up On Cupid(2012)-1/10->More of a ripoff of "Space Invaders" than a short,really.

The Envelope(2012)-6.5/10->Smart,but a bit too morbid for it's own good.

Metarmorphosis(2012)-1/10->An unfunny take on Kafka's novel.

Free(2011)-5/10->Some humourous moments can't make up for bad animation.

Cry In The Sky(2012)-1/10->A bad poem.

Playground(2011)-1/10->Predictable outcome and message.

Cloudman(2012)-1/10->Plain dumb.

Precious Thing(2012)-1/10->Weird and sinister,and the animation is horrible.

The Story Of Ipsum(2012)-2/10->Starts off interesting,but it becomes an incoherent jumble.

Super(2012)-1/10->Didn't understand this one.

Chinatown(2012)-1/10->This one either.

Bicycle Love(2012)-1/10->A bad idea to begin with.

Unarte(2012)-2/10->It has a good premise,but otherwise the animation is really bad,and it doesn't work too well as a commercial for that college.

Hunger(2010)-7/10->Hunger is smartly animated and creative.

O(2012)-3/10->Interestingly animated,but it's point of view of abstract.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Child(2012)-7/10->Cute and children's tale like.

Easy Is For Everyone(2012)-7/10->The story weaves fantastically and the animation is good,but it's a bit too long.

The Little Dark(2011)-1/10->Didn't understand it.


Never Drive A Car When You're Dead(2009)-10/10->An honest and harsh critique on modern society and death.

White,No White(2011)-4/10->It has a good idea,but it's too abstract for its own good.

Arachmaninoff(2010)-7/10->The creepy animation and the great ending make this worthwhile.

Hinterland(2010)-7/10->Hinterland is smart and really well animated.

The Changeling(2011)-6/10->Funny and nicely told.

House Wanders,Bird Water Full(2011)-8/10->Beautifully animated and very poetic.

Frog Weather(2011)-4/10->Too childish for its' own good.

Flamingo Pride(2011)-6/10->Hilarious,but that's about it.

28 September-11 October

Policeman(2011)-2/10->Lapid wanted to show a very realistic portrait of a cop (and of men,in general),but the result is a dull and badly acted film.

Reality(2012)-4/10->Although the first part of the film is generic,at least it's energetic,but in the second part it loses its' energy and it becomes almost as absent-minded as reality television itself.Shame,for this is a great subject.

Pusher(2012)-6/10->It brings the original a new atmosphere and all in all it's not a bad remake,but it's an unnecessary one.

Dark Horse(2011)-7/10->Even though it's not as thought provoking or as dark as Solondz' previous work,Dark Horse still is another great cynical look on life and love.

To Rome With Love(2012)-5/10->It has some of Allen's humour and a great cast,but it's clear he has lost his touch,the film being a hit-and-miss situation.