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EFA Recap 2 + Kinodiseea International Film Festival Second Edition + Other Movies

EFA Recap 2

Ondine(2010)-7/10 -> A well told fairytale and great scenery can't overcome the exagerated sadness and the bad script of the movie.

Kinodiseea International Film Festival Second Edition

Le Petit Nicolas(2009)-8/10 ->A great fun romp for both children and adults.

Die Stimme Des Adlers/The Eagle Hunter's Son(2009)-7/10 ->An ok portrait of a relationship of a kid between his brother and his eagle.

Dunya & Desie(2008)-6/10 ->A predictive but fun teenage comedy.

Sebbe(2010)-9/10 ->A powerful movie with great performances all over and a soundtrack that will blow your mind to shreds,Sebbe does a great job telling the story of a 15 year old boy that is trying to reach his alcoholic mom and be a great family.

Listicky/Foxes(2009)-4/10 -> A sad exagerate pointless movie in which only the performances aren't bad.*SPOILER*Also the scene where the little sister puts a scissor in her vagina is completely sadistic and even the director didn't know how to explain why she put that in the film.*SPOILER FINISH*

Panique Au Village/A Town Called Panic(2009)-9/10 -> A great animated comedy that is always hiperactive and has something funny to say.The stop motion animation is also fantastic because it's made with toys and those toys have different postures during the movie.

Bran Nue Dae(2009)-7/10 -> An ok musical comedy that starts off boring and stupid but in the last 50 minutes it gets funny.It also has one of the greatest quotes of all time:"Come with me and I'll show you the condom tree".

Best Movie In The Festival(My opinion,the jury thought the same):Sebbe(2010)->9/10

Other Movies:

Philanthropy/Filantropica(2002) - 10/10 -> One of the greatest Romanian comedies movies ever made.Greatest Romanian movies too.

$9.99(2008) - 8/10 -> It has some plot holes but the animation is wonderful,there are well portrayed characters and the voices are just perfect.

Dr. Seuss's Cat In The Hat(2003) - 6/10 -> A decent comedy for both kids and adults but the shenanigans and the jokes are repeated over and over again plus Mike Myers does the same thing he does in every movie:He chuckles weird all the goddamn time.

Wall Street 2:Money Never Sleeps(2010)-7/10 -> It's not the worst sequel ever made but it's not the best.It has great performances all over and a well written story but it's way too long and there are these animations that don't fit in the movie too well.Also they fill everyone with too much quotes.

The American(2010) -7.5/10 -> A beautifully shot filled with suspense thriller,but Clooney doesn't do too much.The side cast is actually better than him.

Step Up 3D(2010)-7/10 -> The best film in the whole franchise Step Up 3D has great visuals,stunning choreography and the music is pure genius.It's also a lot of fun.

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micky spunea...

A Script is the heart of the movie... Can not be compromised.

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micky spunea...

Some of them were awesome..
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