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EFA Recap 3 + Anim'est International Film Festival 5TH Edition + Other Movies

EFA Recap 3(I know i have been slacking on these but movies that i like have to stop coming into my house or in cinemas)

Rewers/Reverse(2009)-7/10->Though it is quite funny and there is some good acting now and then,Rewers fails to tell a promising and exciting story.

Anim'est International Film Festival 5TH Edition

Short Films(No reviews)

Minimest 3-

Home Sweet Home(2010)-8/10
The Little Boy And The Beast(2009)-9/10
The Heavenly Elephant(2009)-7/10
Tally Ho,Pancake(2009)-8/10
The Legend Of The Cabbage(2009)-9/10
Electric Car(2009)-10/10
Pig's Happiness(2009)-10/10
The Egg Race(2009)-8/10

Minimest 4-

Fetita De Turta Dulce(1974)-7/10
Robotelul Mihaelei(1976)-9/10
Vasul Cu Flori(1980)-7/10
Totul E Bine Cand Se Termina Cu Bine(1981)-5/10

Creepy Animation Night 2(First Shorts)-

The Twins On Sunset Street(2010)-8/10
The Origin Of Creatures(2010)-6/10
Getting Over Your Shadow(2009)-6/10
Au Bal Des Pendus(2010)-9/10

Feature Films-

L'Illusioniste(2009)-9/10->A wonderfully animated delightful(almost mute) romp that will make you feel great on an evening.

Persepolis(2007)-9/10->Entertaining,full of good jokes and great voices Persepolis is much more than your average book adaptation.

Boogie El Aceitoso/Boogie The Slickster(2009)-9/10->One of the funniest,bloodiest,cruelest and most entertaining animations i've ever seen.And also the character is fucking amazing.

King Of Thorn(2009)-7/10->Well animated and it packs quite a nice punch,but that punch won't really hit you.It will just make your brain tangle up like fuck.

Edit i ja/Edit And I(2009)-8.5/10->The script is awesome and so are the jokes and the animation.

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