duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

Alpha Dog,Spun,Animal Farm,Citizen Kane,Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood,TRON:Legacy,The Big Kahuna,Gummo+more

Alpha Dog(2006)-8.5/10->Alpha Dog has good performances all around and tells us an emotional story of an unexpected friendship and it’s consequences.

Spun(2002)-6/10->Spun is funny and it has a really fast pace but it’s so fast it can’t catch itself.

Animal Farm(1954)-8/10->Animal Farm is funny and it's extremely faithful to it's source material.

Citizen Kane(1941)-10/10->Citizen Kane has a great script telling the rise and fall story of a sometimes good man and most of the times a bad man,one of the best performances ever(Orson Welles as Kane),an interesting story and these make it one of the best movies ever.

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood(1996)-3/10->It's one of the funnier Wayans Brothers movies but in the end it's another disgusting unfunny movie.

TRON:Legacy(2010)-6/10->TRON:Legacy has great visuals and a great soundtrack,but it has a stupid script and it's really predictible.

The Big Kahuna(1999)-7/10->The Big Kahuna has good performances and it's funny,but it gets dull overtime.

Gummo(1997)-8/10->Gummo is dark,features a great performance from Jacob Reynolds and it tells us some sad stories with the help of it's good script.

The Usual Suspects(1995)-9/10->The Usual Suspects is thrilling,the cast is big and good and the end is really impredictible.

Trash Humpers(2009)-7/10->Trash Humpers is funny(in a really dark and weird way) and though you think at first it's just a stupid attempt to make an experimental movie,in the end it's an ok movie.

Enter The Void(2009)-8/10->Enter The Void has wonderful visuals,fantastic photography and some good performances from the most of the cast.However,it's pulled back by it's length and the story gets quite confusing towards the end.

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