joi, 23 decembrie 2010

World's Greatest Dad,The Big Lebowski,Carlos,American History X,O Brother,Where Art Thou?,Irreversible,The Man Who Wasn't There,Blood Simple+more

World's Greatest Dad(2009)-8/10->Robin Williams gives us one of his best performances in years in this dark,yet funny story of a regular man.

The Big Lebowski(1998)-9/10->Jeff Bridges and John Goodman give some grade-A performances and it's funny as hell.

Carlos(2010)-8/10->Carlos is thrilling for it's running length(330 min) and newcomer Edgar Ramirez portrays "The Jackal" pretty good,but Carlos is not worth 5 hours of your life.

American History X(1998)-9/10->American History X has Edward Norton at his best and it tells a compelling story of change.

O Brother,Where Art Thou(2001)-8/10->It's funny and it has great characters,but it's script is not as good as it's humor.

Irreversible(2002)-7/10->Irreversible is filmed in a confusing way and the twist is way too shocking,but it can tell a story backwards and Cassel,Bellucci and Dupontel give some OK performances.

The Man Who Wasn't There(2001)-9/10->The Man Who Wasn't There is funny,Billy Bob Thornton is pure genius and it's a stylish and clever tribute to the noir genre.

Blood Simple(1984)-10/10->Blood Simple is thrilling,it has a great script and great performances all around.

Raising Arizona(1987)-10/10->The best Coen movie has a better script than Blood Simple,it's funny,Nicholas Cage at his best and one of the most crazy stories ever.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:Part 1(2010)-9/10->HP 7:Part 1 is funny,unexpected and it's much entertaining and smarter than the last 2 Harry Potters.

Battle Royale(2000)-8/10->Battle Royale combines gore with humor and it gets a great result.Also it stays faithful to it's source material.

I Stand Alone(1998)-7/10->I Stand Alone is dark,but also funny(in a strange way) and towards the end it gets a bit confusing and more disturbing.

Runaway Jury(2002)-8/10->Runaway Jury is fast,smart and it has a talented cast and it's impredictable.

Wayne's World(1992)-8/10->Wayne's World is quirky and stupid.Just enough to be good.

Burn After Reading(2008)-7/10->It has a variety of funny characters,but in the end it gets too paranoic for it's own good.

Intolerable Cruelty(2003)-8/10->Clooney and Zeta Jones have a bit of chemistry and it's as funny as any Coen Brothers movie but it's predictable and twists are too often in this movie.

Charlie Wilson's War(2007)-7/10->Charlie Wilson's War has a great performance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the story is interesting but there isn't too much insight of it.

Miller's Crossing(1990)-8/10->It's a great mafia movie,though it's not as special as the other Coen movies.

Anchorman:The Legend Of Ron Burgundy(2004)-8/10->It's funny and really stupid,but Will Ferrell and the gang do a great job portraying these dumb-ass characters.

Zoolander(2001)-7/10->Even if Zoolander is a one-joke movie,Stiller and Wilson make it work.

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Cei din clasa a VI-a E spunea...

God, frazele astea gata facute de unde le iei?
Era mult mai bine cand scriai in romana, asa suna obisnuit, ca reviewurile alea de pe DVD-uri.
By the way, loved Burn After Reading, i-as da vreo 9-10/10

Marcus Arcus spunea...

1)Nu sunt gata facute si nu le iau de nicaieri.Pur si simplu se aplica la filmele respective.
2)In romana nu stiam sa ma exprim ca lumea.
3)Burn After Reading e o prostie pe langa The Big Lebowski si Barton Fink.Am vazut tot Coen-ul.Vezi-le p-alea si dupa-aia zi de Burn After Reading ca e bun.