duminică, 6 martie 2011

Goteborg International Film Festival 2011

Essential Killing(2010)-9/10->Vincent Gallo's performance,the great camerawork and the script make this one of the best examples of "Survival Of The Fittest" in movies.

Attenberg(2010)-8/10->Think of Dogtooth,but with a bit more normality(and a bit more sense),elevated by Ariane Labed's performance.

The Arbor(2010)-8/10->The Arbor is a well-thought documentary with unexpectedly good lipsyncing from the actors.

Morgen(2010)-8/10->Morgen tells a heartfelt story with a great performance from Andras Hathazi and an unexpected ending.

A Letter To Elia(2010)-8/10->A Letter To Elia is a bit too short to express those feelings thoroughly,but it succeeds to capture you.

Outbound/Periferic(2011)-8.5/10->Outbound doesn't quite dissect it's subject too much,but you get a clear picture of the situation and good performances all around.

Certified Copy/Copie Conforme(2010)-9/10->Certified Copy has great performances from the leads(especially Binoche),wonderful scenery from Italy,humor and great dialogues.

Rabbit Hole(2010)-8.5/10->Rabbit Hole is funny sometimes(inappropriately most of the times), but Nicole Kidman,Aaron Eckhart,Dianne Wiest make this a great drama.

Post Mortem(2010)-8/10->Post Mortem's really unusual satire and Alfredo Castro's performance make this a fun film.

Abel(2010)-7/10->Abel is smartly shot and has some good performances,but it's very predictable and way too slow.

The Mill And The Cross(2011)-8/10->The scenery,the way in which it chooses to tell it's story and the performances make this a great film.

William S. Burroughs:A Man Within(2010)-9/10->The way it's structured and the capability to tell this huge story in 83 minutes make this a great documentary from 2010.

Blue Valentine(2010)-9/10->Blue Valentine's harsh realism and the performances turn this into a fantastic film.

King Of Devil's Island(2011)-8/10->KODI has good performances and it's scenery is righteously dark,but it's script problems are a bit serious.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives(2010)-6/10->This movie is a huge disappoinment.The performances and the cinematography are the only things good in this movie.

Katka(2010)-8/10->Katka goes deeper into someone's life than any other documentary i have ever seen.And it does it with a lot of brains.

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