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Youth In Revolt,Half Nelson,Notorious,Everything Is Illuminated,Office Space,Amores Perros,Julie And Julia,9,Summer Of Sam,Gulliver's Travels + more

Youth In Revolt(2009)-8/10->Youth In Revolt is funny and it has one of Michael Cera's best performances as a geek.

Half Nelson(2006)-9/10->Half Nelson has an interesting story,a great script and Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps doing a great job.

Notorious(2009)-7/10->Though it doesn't have much insight,Notorious has great visuals,some ok performances,but after all it's Biggie's music that rules the stage.

Everything Is Illuminated(2005)-9/10->Yes,it does get out major parts from the book,but it's great performances all around,it's dark humor,the imagery and the soundtrack make this a genuine heartfelt story.

Office Space(1999)-8/10->Office Space is hilarious and it's really original and inventive.

Amores Perros(2000)-8/10->Amores Perros is painful,but it tells it's story straight(with the help of some great acting) even if some moments are absurd.

Julie And Julia(2009)-7/10->Julie and Julia is much better than the other rom-coms these days thanks to Meryl Streep and Amy Adams,but also a interesting story.

Summer Of Sam(1999)-8/10->Summer Of Sam has great performances,especially from John Leguizamo and Adrien Brody,some mind-blowing visuals and a killer soundtrack.Not so much script in there,though.

9(2009)-8/10->9 has an original idea,great character development and the animation is absolutely fantastic.

Gulliver's Travels(2010)-3/10->Jack Black makes quite a few laughs,but this adaptation is a dirty shame.

Little Fockers(2010)-5/10->Even if it's a bit funnier than the second one,it's cliched script and it's gross jokes ruin it.

Idiocracy(2006)-7/10->Idiocracy is interesting and quite funny,but it's script is a bit too absurd to be believable.

Extract(2009)-7/10->It's premise promises us more than this.Still,it's funny and original.And there's some dark humor in there,too.

Black Swan(2010)-8.5->Black Swan is great.The music,the visuals,Natalie Portman,Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel.Even if it gets a bit too dramatic at a point.

Meet The Parents(2000)-8/10->Meet The Parents is funny,original and it's one of Robert DeNiro's best performances between 2000 and 2010.

Buried(2010)-9/10->Buried is tense and Ryan Reynolds actually pulls it off.*Probably SPOILER*The end is not what you expect.It's excruciating.It will have up in your tears.*SPOILER Finish*

Rashomon(1950)-10/10->Rashomon has great performances all around and the surroundings are majestic.Also the story is interesting and a bit philosophical.

Taxi Driver(1976)-9.5/10->Taxi Driver is quite slow for a Scorsese movie,but it's not boring at all.And DeNiro is fantastic.

I Love You Phillip Morris(2010)-8/10->I Love You Phillip Morris is funny and it has one of Jim Carrey's best performances.Ever.

The Virginity Hit(2010)-7/10->The Virginity Hit is funnier than the other "Lose Your Virginity" movies,but it's too clicheic to work.

The Girlfriend Experience(2009)-6.5/10->The Girlfriend Experience has an interesting premise and Steven Soderbergh's style is as good as it'll ever get,but it's a bit too dull.

Boardwalk Empire(2010)-10/10->Boardwalk Empire has great performances,unexpectedly good humor,the sets are stunning and this portrayal of the times of the prohibition is wonderful.Go on.Make the second season faster.

Crazy Heart(2009)-8/10->Crazy Heart has a mindblowing soundtrack and a good script,but this isn't Jeff Bridges's role of a lifetime.Nor it is Oscar worthy.

The Kids Are All Right(2010)-9/10->TKAAR is funny,unpredictable and Annette Bening deserves an Oscar for this.One of the best movies 2010 brought us.

School Of Rock(2003)-8/10->Jack Black,the humor and the music make this a great comedy.

Donnie Darko(2001)-8.5/10->Donnie Darko is puzzling and it's a great debut for both Gyllenhaal and Kelly.See it with your mind clear.

Southland Tales(2006)-7/10->It's fun and it's an interesting vision of the future,but that's no reason for it to be over the line absurd and it to have 2 hours and almost a half.

The Box(2009)-7/10->The Box has an interesting premise and great visuals but some moments are just too fake to be believable.

The Dilemma(2011)-5/10->The Dilemma is quite funny,but it doesn't decide even if it's a drama or a comedy.Also it's really formulaic.

Tangled(2010)-9/10->Tangled is funny,it has great visuals and a compelling story.I cried.Enough said.

Life As We Know It(2010)-7/10->Life As We Know It is much much more OK than most of the rom-com in 2010.

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