joi, 25 august 2011

19-25 August

Radio Days(1987)-8/10->Allen creates a charming atmosphere with DiPalma's cinematography,quirky characters,classic music and humor.

September(1987)-5/10->Though it benefits from some impressive performances,it is driven down by its dull and uninspired dialogue.

Another Woman(1988)-8/10->With a great performance from Rowlands,creepy narrative and bleak,yet smart dialogue,Allen builds a worthy drama.

Crimes And Misdemeanors(1989)-10/10->Telling 2 extremely different stories,Allen directs one with his usual joy and one with an unusual style and gut-wrenching suspense.Great performance by Landau.

New York Stories(1989)-7/10->Scorsese's segment is probably the most coherent and the one that actually provides food-for-thought.Coppola's segment is disappointing and extremely juvenile for a man that made a movie like The Godfather.Allen's segment is uproariously funny and it benefits from Questel's great performance.

Alice(1990)-6/10->It has some creative moments,its premise is quite original and Hurt pulls off a good performance,but Alice's dialogue is basic and it isn't a very insightful character study.

Shadows And Fog(1991)-8/10->With great black and white cinematography,an all-star cast which is not used in vain and quirky,yet smart dialogue Shadows And Fog is a great film even if the ending is a little bit flawed.

Husbands And Wives(1992)-9/10->An insightful mockumentary/character study,this stands out with its performances and intelligent dialogue.

Fast Five(2011)-8/10->With good-old fashioned high-octane thrills,some compelling scenes and great wit,Fast Five succeds in doing something its predecessors didn't.To be a good(almost great) movie.

Manhattan Murder Mystery(1993)-9/10->Even though this should be serious,this is hilarious.Also,the dialogue is terrific.

Bullets Over Broadway(1994)-10/10->Fantastic acting all around combined with an interesting story and one of Allen's smartest scripts.His best since Crimes And Misdemeanors.

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