sâmbătă, 13 august 2011

29 July-11 August

Funny Games(1997)-10/10->This scary,unsettling and often interactive tribute to Hitchcock's Psycho is disturbing and quite realistic and Haneke succeeds in transmiting another message about the effects of mindless violence.Heartbreaking,yet flawless.

Code Inconnu(2000)-7/10->This is made in the style of 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance,but it is a bit more complicated to comprehend.Binoche is great,though.

La Pianiste(2001)-10/10->Huppert is fascinating in this shocking and intriguing,yet powerful and honest character study.It might develop slowly but it's worth the wait.Terrific ending.

Le Temps Du Loup(2003)-8/10->With stylish and unique cinematography and a beginning that packs a real punch,Le Temps Du Loup is an interesting and weird,even,thriller,that benefits from another great performance from Huppert.

Cache(2005)-10/10->Cache is an extremely suspenseful thriller,because of its lack of information,the thrilling performances by Auteuil and Binoche and its capability to be food-for-thought long enough after you have seen it.Before you see it,clear your head.

Funny Games U.S.(2007)-2/10->Yet another mot-a-mot remake.Improving nothing on the original,not even the acting this is useless.

Das Weisse Band(2009)-8/10->Haneke returns to the bleakest of bleak,but neither his narrative part(which is very well played out)can't make up for its exceded running time and ineffective tension.

Scream 4(2011)-6.5/10->More inventive than the 3rd one and scarier,Scream 4 is a mostly worthy sequel.

Burning Palms(2010)-8/10->Some of its segments might not be as shocking as the tagline promises,but this is well-acted,smartly edited and quite inventive in terms of sickness.

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