vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

23 March-5 April

House Of Tolerance(2011)-2/10->The scenography is beautiful,but House Of Tolerance has no plot,wooden acting and nothing happens.

Rosetta(1999)-5.5/10->Rosetta is unflichingly realistic and the Dardennes have built a compelling drama about survival,but the main character is unlikable(even though the actress is very good) and the ending is dull.

Le Fils(2002)-7/10->It's a suspenseful,yet simple film,with a captivating performance from Gourmet,but just like in the previous film by the directors,the ending is dull.

Le Silence De Lorna(2008)-8/10->The Dardennes' most subtle and enigmatic film up to date,Le Silence De Lorna benefits from terrific performances from Dobroshi and Renier,but also a great script.

4:44 Last Day On Earth(2012)-6/10->Dafoe and Leigh give good performances and even though Ferrara script isn't too engaging,he succeeds in building an intimate portrait and how they deal with unavoidable doom.

Offside(2006)-9/10->Offside is an impecably directed film,which speaks about politics with humor and nimbleness.

One Man Up(2001)-5/10->Servillo and Renzi both give great performances and the cinematography is pretty well done,but the story is cliched and the movie is too slow for its own good.

The Consequences Of Love(2004)-7/10->The movie is a stylish and deep meditation on love,backed up by a great performance from Servillo,but it doesn't have much of a narrative.

The Family Friend(2006)-6/10->The film is beautifully shot and it has substance,but the story is very shallow.

Au Revoir Les Enfants(1987)-6.5/10->Even though it's well acted and beautifully told,Malle's film is too melodramatic and predictable.

Il Divo(2008)-8/10->Although it isn't too accessible to non-Italian viewers,Il Divo is an stylish,suspenseful and thorough account of an incredible true story.

The Decameron(1971)-7/10->Pasolini tells a lot of stories with humor and heart,but he never develops them to their full potential.

Three Days(1991)-3/10->Three Days is a pretentious,slow and dull film,its only perk being the photography.

Few Of Us(1996)-7/10->Few Of Us is a beautifully shot,but bleak,Tarkovsky-inspired movie,is a bit too slow,but other than that it succeeds in telling a story without dialogues,just through the desolate pictures and people.

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