vineri, 20 aprilie 2012

6-12 April

Faces(1968)-8/10->Although overlong and oftenly tedious,Faces is a very honest and detailed study of a marriage in a downfall.

Submarino(2010)-6/10->Submarino is predictable and formulaic,but a good performance from Cedergren and how Vinterberg dissecates the subject of guilt make the film worth a watch.

Festen(1998)-8/10->Festen is a darkly funny tragedy with a great performance from Thomsen and simple,yet smart scriptwriting and directing from Vinterberg. 

When Father Was Away On Business(1985)-6/10->Even though the story is very confusing at times,Kusturica succeeds in revealing most of the problems in the 1950's Yugoslavia.

Headhunters(2011)-6/10->Headhunters is a smart and engaging action movie,that is also quite original.

American Reunion(2012)-4/10->American Reunion tries a bit too hard to be funny;sometimes it is,sometimes it's not and this doesn't help the fact that it's utterly predictable.

Down By Law(1986)-8.5/10->Down By Law is a funny,impecably written film,benefiting from the great performances of the cast  and Jarmusch's strange,but appropriate atmosphere.

Mystery Train(1989)-7/10->Mystery Train is another special vision of America,the way Jarmusch sees it,but with a bit weaker story than "Stranger than Paradise".

Dead Man(1995)-2/10->Depp is awful and the film's story is tedious and meaningless.The only perk is the stunning black and white photography.

Broken Flowers(2005)-8/10->Murray is a perfect fit in Jarmusch's style,giving another one of his low-key,but fantastic performances in this moody,funny and more accessible than usual Jarmusch film.

The Limits Of Control(2009)-4/10->It is well acted and wonderfully shot,but The Limits Of Control is tedious,pretentious and quite incoherent.

Late Autumn(1960)-8/10->The construction of Ozu's characters is sensible and rewarding and that and the carefulness with which he directs make this a poetic and emotive film.

The Man Who Loved Women(1977)-5.5/10->It treats the subject of women psychology quite conventionally,but it is engaging and well acted.

The American Friend(1977)-4/10->Wenders builds up a proper atmosphere for a thriller,Muller's photography is beautiful and the two leads (Ganz and Hopper) give good performances,but the story is completely incoherent and sometimes ridiculous.

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