sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012

30 June-5 July

Fear Eats The Soul(1974)-9/10->Fassbinder mixes two very controversate subjects,into one story.The result?A sweet and sour love story,in which the director once again proves his unabashed love for his characters.

Extraterrestrial(2011)-5/10->Extraterrestrial starts off well,but the plot becomes too convoluted to be interesting.Also,like its characters it makes promises it can't keep.

Blow-Up(1966)-10/10->Clearly one of the best thrillers ever made,Antonioni's film is a complex portrayal of a photographer's mentality,who is brilliantly played by David Hemmings.Also,the film is a sheer delight to watch,because of the way Antonioni leaves little clues about his main character everywhere,but the audience must dedicate their full attention.

A Burning Hot Summer(2011)-3/10->Good moments are rare in this meandering and mostly wooden acted drama.Beautifully shot though.

Last Days(2005)-7.5/10->Different from Van Sant's previous work,Last Days is not only a film about what was going on in Cobain's head in his last days,but also what goes on in everyone's head,during tough times.The cinematography and the sound collapse beautifully.

The State Of Things(1982)-3/10->It has a good premise and like all Wenders movies the cinematography is spellbinding,but the film is a pretentious drag and it never shows any insight on the hardship of making a film.

The King Of Comedy(1982)-8.5/10->Even though it's effectively creepy The King Of Comedy is an underrated masterpiece.Funny,ambitious and with DeNiro at the top of his game as a likeable psychopath,it mostly works.

Casino(1995)-6.5/10->Sure,it's overlong and the actors don't give fantastic performances,but that is because they don't get much to work with from the beginning,but it is an insightful look at casinos and how they work,and also,it is a succesful representation of violence,vices and the power of money.

The Prefab People(1982)-7/10->Filmed as a documentary,The Prefab People is a tough and realistic film about the everyday life of two married people.Wonderfully acted,but like most Tarr films,plot-less.

Almanac Of Fall(1984)-8/10->Except for the constant,but usual (from Tarr) lack of a coherent plot,Almanac Of Fall is a beautifully shot,but bleak and slow film about relationships that just won't work.

Damnation(1988)-10/10->A bleak and masterful film about the human condition,it might not appeal to everyone,but to those who it will,it will probably remain on their minds for quite some time.Heavyweight cinema.

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