sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

22-28 June

35 Rhums(2008)-10/10->A slow but masterful drama,35 Rhums is a very unusual film about an usual subject,which benefits from a fantastic performance by Descas.Claire Denis at her finest.

Wolfy(2009)-6/10->Wolfy is lighter than Sigarev's latest,Living,but it still is a poetic and beautiful film,because of the endearing story and the cinematography.

Crumb(1994)-6.5/10->Excepting the constant,but uncalled for,interventions of Crumb's work,the film is a vivid and strange portrayal,not only of the artist,but also his very intriguing family.

Memories Of Murder(2003)-6/10->Memories Of Murder is beautifully shot and Song gives a terrific performance as always,but Memories Of Murder feels much more conventional than the other work of director Joon-ho Bong.

Raging Bull(1980)-9/10->Raging Bull is a powerful film about an unlikable person,which is played by De Niro who gives the best performance in his career.

Hiroshima Mon Amour(1959)-7/10->It's often meandering and it there is too much dialogue,but it is wonderfully acted and Resnais tells this story beautifully.

The Devil Probably(1977)-10/10->The Devil Probably is another gripping and shaking masterpiece by Bresson,in which he uses,as usual,his characters,as doomed persons,which cannot escape their terrible fate.Terrifying film about suicide and spirituality.

Caravaggio(1986)-7/10->Jarman's storytelling is confusing,but otherwise Caravaggio is an insightful and original take on the painter's life.

Fucking Amal(1998)-3/10->Fucking Amal is a stupid and uninteresting film,filled with bad acting,no matter how authentic it feels.

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