luni, 3 septembrie 2012

TIFF 2012:Expect-O-Meter

The "HELL YEAH" tier

Amour (2012,Michael Haneke,Masters)-> 100%
The Master (2012,Paul Thomas Anderson,Special Presentation)-> 100%
Post Tenebras Lux (2012,Carlos Reygadas,Wavelengths)-> 90%
The Place Beyond The Pines (2012,Derek Cianfrance,Special Presentation)-> 85%
Spring Breakers (2012,Harmony Korine,Special Presentation)-> 85%
Like Someone In Love (2012,Abbas Kiarostami,Masters)-> 80%
Paradise:Love (2012,Ulrich Seidl,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 80%

The "YES PLEASE" tier

The ABCs Of Death (2012,Various,Midnight Madness)-> 75%
Barbara (2012,Christian Petzold,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 75%
Berberian Sound Studio (2012,Peter Strickland,Vanguard)-> 75%
Gebo And The Shadow (2012,Manoel de Oliveira,Masters)-> 75%
Looper (2012,Rian Johnson,Gala Presentation)-> 75%
Me And You (2012,Bernardo Bertolucci,Masters)-> 75%
No (2012,Pablo Larrain,Special Presentation)-> 75%
Outrage Beyond (2012,Takeshi Kitano,Special Presentation)-> 75%
Seven Psychopaths (2012,Martin McDonagh,Midnight Madness)-> 75%
Everyday (2012,Michael Winterbottom,Masters)-> 70%
Foxfire (2012,Laurent Cantet,Special Presentation)-> 70%
The Impossible (2012,Juan Antonio Bayona,Special Presentation)-> 70%
In The Fog (2012,Sergei Loznitsa,Contemporary World Cinema)->70%
The Land Of Hope (2012,Sion Sono,Contemporary World Cinema)->70%
Pusher (2012,Luis Prieto,Vanguard)-> 70%
Sightseers (2012,Ben Wheatley,Vanguard)-> 70%

The "WHY NOT?" tier

Byzantium (2012,Neil Jordan,Special Presentation)-> 65%
Dormant Beauty (2012,Marco Bellocchio,Special Presentation)-> 65%
The Hunt (2012,Thomas Vinterberg,Special Presentation)-> 65%
iLL Manors (2012,Ben Drew,Vanguard)-> 65%
Rebelle (2012,Kim Nguyen,Special Presentation)-> 65%
Room 237 (2012,Rodney Ascher,Vanguard)-> 65%
Something In The Air (2012,Olivier Assayas,Masters)-> 65%
Thy Womb (2012,Brilliante Mendoza,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 65%
The Last Time I Saw Macao (2012,Joao Pedro Rodrigues & Joao Guerro Da Mata,Wavelengths)-> 60%
Antiviral (2012,Brandon Cronenberg,Special Presentation)-> 60%
Capital (2012,Costa-Gavras,Special Presentation)-> 60%
Do Not Disturb (2012,Yvan Attal,Special Presentation)-> 60%
The End Of Time (2012,Peter Mettler,Masters)-> 60%
Ernest & Celestine (2012,Stephane Aubier & Vincent Patar & Benjamin Renner,TIFF Kids)-> 60%
The Iceman (2012,Ariel Vromen,Special Presentation)-> 60%
John Dies At The End (2012,Don Coscarelli,Midnight Madness)-> 60%
Leviathan (2012,Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel,Wavelengths)-> 60%
Museum Hours (2012,Jem Cohen,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 60%
On The Road (2012,Walter Salles,Special Presentation)-> 60%
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology (2012,Sophie Fiennes,Mavericks)-> 60%
Pieta (2012,Kim Ki-duk,Masters)-> 60%
Reality (2012,Matteo Garrone,Special Presentation)-> 60%
Stories We Tell (2012,Sarah Polley,Special Presentation)-> 60%

The "PURGATORY" tier

At Any Price (2012,Ramin Bahrani,Special Presentation)-> 55%
Frances Ha (2012,Noam Baumbach,Special Presentation)-> 55%
Hyde Park On Hudson (2012,Roger Michell,Gala Presentation)-> 55%
I Declare War (2012,Jason Lapeyre & Robert Wilson,Vanguard)-> 55%
A Late Quartet (2012,Yaron Zilberman,Special Presentation)-> 55%
Lines Of Wellington (2012,Valeria Sarmiento,Special Presentation)-> 55%
Penance (2012,Kiyoshi Kurosawa,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 55%
Reincarnation (2012,Andy Capper,TIFF Docs)-> 55%
A Royal Affair (2012,Nikolaj Arcel,Gala Presentation)-> 55%
The Sessions (2012,Ben Lewin,Special Presentation)-> 55%
To The Wonder (2012,Terrence Malick,Special Presentation)-> 55%
The We And The I (2012,Michel Gondry,Vanguard)-> 55%
Aftershock (2012,Nicolas Lopez,Midnight Madness)-> 50%
Argo (2012,Ben Affleck,Gala Presentation)-> 50%
Ginger And Rosa (2012,Sally Potter,Special Presentation)-> 50%
A Hi-Jacking (2012,Tobias Lindholm,Special Presentation)-> 50%
Iceberg Slim:The Portrait Of A Pimp (2012,Jorge Hinojosa,TIFF Docs)-> 50%
The Lords Of Salem (2012,Rob Zombie,Midnight Madness)-> 50%
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012,Stephen Chbosky,Special Presentation)-> 50%
Rust And Bone (2012,Jacques Audiard,Special Presentation)-> 50%
Smashed (2012,James Ponsoldt,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 50%


Beyond The Hills (2012,Cristian Mungiu,Masters)-> 40%
Fill The Void (2012,Rama Burhstein,Discovery)-> 40%
Jayne Mansfield's Car (2012,Billy Bob Thornton,Gala Presentation)-> 40%
Much Ado About Nothing (2012,Joss Whedon,Special Presentation)-> 40%
Passion (2012,Brian De Palma,Special Presentation)-> 40%
Silver Linings Playbook (2012,David O. Russell,Gala Presentation)-> 40%
Anna Karenina (2012,Joe Wright,Special Presentation)-> 35%
Cloud Atlas (2012,Lana & Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer,Special Presentation)-> 35%
Laurence Anyways (2012,Xavier Dolan,Special Presentation)-> 35%
After The Battle (2012,Yousry Nasrallah,Contemporary World Cinema)-> 30%
Bad 25 (2012,Spike Lee,Special Presentation)-> 30%
The Company You Keep (2012,Robert Redford,Gala Presentation)-> 30%
Dredd 3D (2012,Pete Travis,Midnight Madness)-> 30%
Love Is All You Need (2012,Susanne Bier,Special Presentation)-> 30%


End Of Watch (2012,David Ayer,Special Presentation)-> 25%
Great Expectations (2012,Mike Newell,Gala Presentation)-> 25%
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012,Mira Nair,Gala Presentation)-> 25%
Dangerous Liaisons (2012,Hur Jin-ho,Gala Presentation)-> 20%
In Another Country (2012,Hong Sang-soo,Masters)-> 20%
The Paperboy (2012,Lee Daniels,Special Presentation)-> 20%
Hotel Transylvania (2012,Genndy Tartakovsky,TIFF Kids)-> 15%

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