joi, 27 septembrie 2012

21-27 September

Cosmopolis(2012)-2/10->There is some style,but otherwise Cronenberg bets on his dialogue.Not a good bet,because the film is tedious and the only cause is the unengaging dialogue.Mediocre acting,all around.

Mekong Hotel(2012)-6/10->Very similar to Boonmee,it's a more soothing experience than the before mentioned one,but it still is quite unaccomplished.

The Hunt(2012)-6/10->Like last year's Venice Days "Guilty",it features a strong lead performance and it is well written,but unlike the french flick it never reaches the emotional strength,nor it does reach the height of the discussion of morals.

Moonrise Kingdom(2012)-8/10->It's not very different from Anderson's previous work,but it still is a compassionate look at first love and childhood.Beautifully shot and the soundtrack is amazing.

Berberian Sound Studio(2012)-6/10->An atmospheric film in which Strickland proves once again,it doesn't have to be a horror film in order to be effectively creepy.Good performance from Jones,but the editing is a bit scattered.

Sister(2012)-6/10->Almost a certified copy of last year's "The Kid With The Bike",the only differences are the darker nature of the story and the much better performances by Seydoux and Klein.

Unit 7(2012)-1/10->Stylish cinematography,yes,but this film literally has no beginning or ending.

In Darkness(2012)-4/10->Seeing its' subject matter,In Darkness is never as original or powerful as it should be.Good performances and cinematography.

Laurence Anyways(2012)-7/10->Overlong and like all Dolan films,messy,but Laurence Anyways is the accomplished vision of an artist,with a small plot which gets an epic treatment.Dolan's best?By far.

Hasta La Vista(2011)-5/10->Starts off great,loses itself in the middle,then picks itself up in the last 30 minutes and it is quite predictable,but there are some good performances from the cast and humourous moments.

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