luni, 15 octombrie 2012

Anim'est International Animation Film Festival 2012:7th Edition


Arrugas(2011)-7/10->Arrugas is a fresh approach of the elder years,funny and sad,but even though the pace of the film helps the atmosphere,it still is quite slow.

Alois Nebel(2011)-5.5/10->The animation and tone of the film are very special,but the writing is a bit too thin.

The Lorax(2012)-5/10->The Lorax is beautifully told and it captures most of Seuss's spirit,except it's simplicity,that being lost in the unexpectedly Hollywood-ian elements.

Ronal The Barbarian(2011)-4/10->Ronal The Barbarian is funny,but it's predictable and most of the humor relies on gross-out gags.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices(2011)-6/10->It has an imaginative story and beautiful animation,but it borrows heavily from Japanese animation helmers like Kon or Miyazaki.



The Mobilphone(2012)-6/10->Concise,but light,The Mobilphone has intelligent humor.

Selfportrait(2012)-5/10->it has a good idea,but it doesn't make the most of it.

Face Factory(2012)-5/10->Predictable,but funny and the ending is somewhat smart.

Gang Up On Cupid(2012)-1/10->More of a ripoff of "Space Invaders" than a short,really.

The Envelope(2012)-6.5/10->Smart,but a bit too morbid for it's own good.

Metarmorphosis(2012)-1/10->An unfunny take on Kafka's novel.

Free(2011)-5/10->Some humourous moments can't make up for bad animation.

Cry In The Sky(2012)-1/10->A bad poem.

Playground(2011)-1/10->Predictable outcome and message.

Cloudman(2012)-1/10->Plain dumb.

Precious Thing(2012)-1/10->Weird and sinister,and the animation is horrible.

The Story Of Ipsum(2012)-2/10->Starts off interesting,but it becomes an incoherent jumble.

Super(2012)-1/10->Didn't understand this one.

Chinatown(2012)-1/10->This one either.

Bicycle Love(2012)-1/10->A bad idea to begin with.

Unarte(2012)-2/10->It has a good premise,but otherwise the animation is really bad,and it doesn't work too well as a commercial for that college.

Hunger(2010)-7/10->Hunger is smartly animated and creative.

O(2012)-3/10->Interestingly animated,but it's point of view of abstract.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Child(2012)-7/10->Cute and children's tale like.

Easy Is For Everyone(2012)-7/10->The story weaves fantastically and the animation is good,but it's a bit too long.

The Little Dark(2011)-1/10->Didn't understand it.


Never Drive A Car When You're Dead(2009)-10/10->An honest and harsh critique on modern society and death.

White,No White(2011)-4/10->It has a good idea,but it's too abstract for its own good.

Arachmaninoff(2010)-7/10->The creepy animation and the great ending make this worthwhile.

Hinterland(2010)-7/10->Hinterland is smart and really well animated.

The Changeling(2011)-6/10->Funny and nicely told.

House Wanders,Bird Water Full(2011)-8/10->Beautifully animated and very poetic.

Frog Weather(2011)-4/10->Too childish for its' own good.

Flamingo Pride(2011)-6/10->Hilarious,but that's about it.

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