luni, 15 octombrie 2012

28 September-11 October

Policeman(2011)-2/10->Lapid wanted to show a very realistic portrait of a cop (and of men,in general),but the result is a dull and badly acted film.

Reality(2012)-4/10->Although the first part of the film is generic,at least it's energetic,but in the second part it loses its' energy and it becomes almost as absent-minded as reality television itself.Shame,for this is a great subject.

Pusher(2012)-6/10->It brings the original a new atmosphere and all in all it's not a bad remake,but it's an unnecessary one.

Dark Horse(2011)-7/10->Even though it's not as thought provoking or as dark as Solondz' previous work,Dark Horse still is another great cynical look on life and love.

To Rome With Love(2012)-5/10->It has some of Allen's humour and a great cast,but it's clear he has lost his touch,the film being a hit-and-miss situation.

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