marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

The 40 Year Old Virgin,Coffee And Cigarettes,The Short Films Of David Lynch,Ghost Dog:The Way of The Samurai,Role Models,Eraserhead,Boogie Nights+more

The 40 Year Old Virgin(2005)-9/10->The 40 Year Old Virgin is original,features a funny and talented cast making it one of the best comedies in the 21st century.
Coffee And Cigarettes(2003)-9/10->Coffee And Cigarettes has a smart script,a load of great actors and some of the best quirky humor ever.
The Short Films Of David Lynch(2002)-7.3/10->
Six Men Getting Sick(1967)->7/10
The Alphabet(1968)->8/10
The Grandmother(1970)->7.5/10
The Amputee(1973)->6.5/10
The Cowboy And The Frenchman(1987)->8.5/10
Ghost Dog:The Way Of The Samurai(1999)-9/10->GD:TWOTS is compelling and it smartly combines gangster culture with samurai culture.Also it features Forest Whitaker in one of his best performances ever.
Role Models(2008)-8/10->Role Models features 3 actors that are already very familiar with the comedy genre and funny moments all over it.That's all it needs.
Eraserhead(1977)-9/10->Though it's really weird,it has fine performances and a great script for a paranoic vision.
Boogie Nights(1997)-10/10->Boogie Nights is a great portrayal of the pornography film business with an outstanding cast,an ecstatic 2 hours and a half and a great script.
Mr Woodcock(2008)-5/10->Mr Woodcock is unfunny and though Billy Bob Thornton is trying to make it work,it doesn't.
Poltergeist(1982)-7/10->Poltergeist is fun and unexpected,but it's way too absurd to be taken seriously.
Pet Sematary(1989)-3/10->This is one of the worst adaptations of a book by Stephen King(though the screenplay is written by him)and it has one of the worst casts ever.
Mulholland Drive(2001)-7/10->Mulholland Drive doesn't make too much sense but it's uplifted by some fine performances by Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux and some OK visuals.Lynch fans will enjoy it.
Lighting Over Water/Nick's Movie(1981)-9/10->Lighting Over Water is emotional and it's a wonderful homage to one of cinematography's directors who set landmarks in the past.
The Town(2010)-9/10->The Town is smart,fun,with some of the best performances of 2010 and a great score.
Tristram Shandy:A Cock And Bull Story(2005)-8/10->Tristram Shandy is funny with some fine performances from Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden.
Cherrybomb(2009)-5/10->Cherrybomb has a dull script and one of the most un-craziest stories of teenagers.
Exit Through The Gift Shop(2010)-9.5/10->With an interesting subject and great direction from newcomer director Banksy,ETTGS boasts.
The Runaways(2010)-8/10->The Runaways doesn't give too much insight of the band but it has great performances from Kristen Stewart,Dakota Fanning and Michael Shannon,outstanding art scenes and one of the best soundtracks ever.
The Chumscrubber(2005)-7/10->The Chumscrubber is quite quirky and it has some rising stars in it,but that doesn't save it from it's flawed script.
Thumbsucker(2005)-7/10->Thumbsucker has a good cast and it's one of the brighter indie comedies but it's really predictable and it gets boring towards the end.
The Seven Samurai(1954)-10/10->The Seven Samurai tells a story of friendship,but also unity and war through wonderful scenery,great war scenes(even though it has 3 hours and 20 minutes it never gets boring) and a great cast.These make it one of the best movies ever made.

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