vineri, 15 iulie 2011

15-21 July

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:Part II(2011)-10/10->This last part shows extreme faithfullness to its predecessors,the 3D is amazing and it answers a lot of questions.Fantastic.

Dead Snow(2009)-5/10->Dead Snow is a lot of fun and it's really bloody,but its just mindless.The acting helps a bit.

Cinema Komunisto(2010)-8/10->Cinema Komunisto builds up nicely,using archive images as its basic storytelling technique and the music is pretty good.

Night Of The Living Dead(1968)-9.5/10->NOFTD uses realistic elements,terrific music and thrilling dialogue to create a compelling story of survival and it might feature two of the best character studies about zombies and humans in movies.Not as scary as it should be.

Dawn Of The Dead(1978)-10/10->More entertaining(and scarier) than its predecessor,Dawn Of The Dead is everything the precedent was and more.

Day Of The Dead(1985)-8/10->Day Of The Dead isn't as good as the first two,but it works both as a horror and a drama.

Land Of The Dead(2005)-9/10->Introducing us to a new breed of zombies and a new world,Land Of The Dead is smarter than Day Of The Dead and even better in camerawork and acting.

1408(2007)-8/10->Cusack's performance really stands out throughout this frightening,well-made adaptation of Stephen King's story.

Ashes Of Time(1994)-3/10->Amazing camerawork can't make up for a boring,pointless and so-called poetic storyline.

Diary Of The Dead(2007)-6/10->With Diary Of The Dead,Romero brings us a combination between mockumentaries and FPS videogames.There is some bad acting and it isn't scary enough,but Romero also smartly combines political issues with gore.

Survival Of The Dead(2009)-4/10->It is often funny and the camerawork is pretty good,but we've seen everything in here before.

Dawn Of The Dead(2004)-9.5/10->Dawn Of The Dead is electric because of its visual part and acting and also its ability to respect the original and also go out on a limb on its own.Zack Snyder's best film so far.

Shaun Of The Dead(2004)-9/10->It's original,inventive,surprisingly scary and extremely funny.Terrific acting.

The Crazies(1973)-7/10->The Crazies is original and scary,but its acting lets it down and also its sudden plot twists.

The Crazies(2010)-8.5/10->The remake is much more scarier than the original,more unsettling,darker and well acted.Its final plot twist is too unbelievable.

Martin(1977)-8.5/10->Romero's entry in the vampire horror genre is not strictly about blood sucking fiends it's actually desecrates the rules of vampires,by developing an intriguing premise into a compelling story that mixes moral values with scares.Good ending.

Creepshow(1982)-10/10->Creepshow is a mix of hilarious dark humor and effective scares,that features a great script from Stephen King and psychedelic editing.One of the best anthologies yet to come and Romero's second best work after Dawn Of The Dead.

Monkey Shines(1988)-8/10->This might not seem like a Romero film in the first 40 minutes,but it slowly develops into a startling study on humanity and fear.

Bruiser(2000)-6/10->Its editing is impressive and Stormare gives it all in his secondary role,but it lacks scares and its plot is tangled up.

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