joi, 28 iulie 2011

22-28 July

TwentyFourSeven(1997)-8/10->TwentyFourSeven is a promising debut for Shane Meadows for it is emotional,yet it shows a harsh and violent side of the black and white features.

Who Saw Her Die(1972)-4/10->WSHD has ok cinematography and the music helps to set the right mood,but other than those two things,it has a farfetched script and chaotic editing.

A Room For Romeo Brass(1999)-9/10->ARFRB is quite compelling for starters,but yet again we see the dark side of friendship and it benefits from a bravura(debut) performance from Paddy Considine.Terrific ending.

Once Upon A Time In The Midlands(2002)-5/10->This story has been told one too many times.The only good things in this movie are Ifans's and Carlyle's performances and also the cinematography.

Dead Man's Shoes(2004)-8.5/10->Meadows crafts an unsettling atmosphere with the black and white scenes and an even darker one with the music,the violence and Considine's performance.It is a brilliant slasher with fantastic cinematography and a great final twist.

This Is England(2007)-10/10->This Is England is entertaining,smartly edited,Graham's performance is amazing and the soundtrack is awesome.A great achievement for European cinema.

Somers Town(2009)-8.5/10->Somers Town is a story about unusual friendships that bases itself only on its cinematography,humour,music and dialogue.Short,but effective.

Le-Donk And Scor-Zay-Zee(2009)-7/10->Meadows's entry in the comedic mockumentary genre is mostly inspired by its music and humor,but also the realistic performances.

In The Mood For Love(2000)-9.5/10->With electric editing,fantastic cinematography and music,Wong Kar-Wai creates an impressive atmosphere in which the chemistry between the characters shines.Terrific acting.

Too Big To Fail(2011)-8/10->With a smart and tense dialogue,Too Big To Fail uses its solid cast to make the most of the dialogue.Suspenseful from the beginning till the end.

Collateral(2004)-9/10->With stylish cinematography,kinetic editing,a cool soundtrack and Cruise's slick performance,Collateral turns into an extremely thrilling and intriguing crime-thriller.

Welcome To The Dollhouse(1995)-8.5/10->Even though it has a dark tone,WTTD is a witty and intelligent piece of art.A collection of bizarre characters.

Storytelling(2001)-8/10->Storytelling's first segment is a bit too dark,unjustified and harsh,but the second one's wit,its acting and its story make up for the first one.And also,Solondz is capable to find new bizarre characters.

Palindromes(2004)-9/10->Solondz turns this extremely freakish story into a witty and unique film.Very well acted.

Life During Wartime(2009)-9/10->This uncalled for sequel for Happiness,is better in some aspects,but it fails to shock as much as Happiness did.

Der Siebente Kontinent(1989)-10/10->Haneke's debut fiercely discusses moral issues,its disturbing,it features one of the best scenes i have ever seen in films and its narrative part is taken very seriously.A hidden gem,indeed.

Benny's Video(1992)-9.5/10->This is an insightful and unsettling look at the line between fantasy and reality and the consequences of violent films.

71 Fragmente Einer Chronologie Der Zufalls(1994)-9/10->With this Haneke explores social differences territory throughout this silent and unusual piece of art.

Lumiere Et Compagnie(1995)-8/10->A joyful and intriguing celebration,LEC gives 40 artists a few seconds to express their feelings.Most of them succeed,but some of them fail.A great test for auteurs.

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