sâmbătă, 9 iulie 2011

8-14 July

Cannibal Holocaust(1980)-6/10->Cannibal Holocaust is extremely disturbing,but it could also considered as a cult movie and as a source of inspiration for The Blair Witch Project and other realistic horror/thriller movies.

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle(2004)-8/10->Harold And Kumar is funny from the beginning till the end and it features great cameos(especially Neil Patrick Harris) and it actually centers on only one of it's characters journey,Harold's,which is pretty surprising for a stoner comedy.

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay(2008)-3/10->Sure it has 2 or 3 funny moments,but it's formulaic,unfunny and boring.A shame to its predecessor.

Duo For Paolocello And Petronome(1994)-9/10->With great editing and camerawork,smartly tells a story about friendship during the communist era,through poetry,games and books.

Incendies(2010)-8/10->Despite it's length,Incendies keeps you in your seat because of it's suspense and fantastic acting.

[Rec](2007)-9/10->[Rec] is suspenseful and it will scare you properly.Also its final plot twist is pretty smart and shocking.

Thank You From Smoking(2005)-9/10->TYFS is inappropriately hilarious and it has Aaron Eckhart in his best,cynical form.

Kaboom(2010)-4/10->If it weren't for all the sci-fi crap,Kaboom would have been a well-acted,somewhat funny teen comedy.

[Rec] 2(2010)-9/10->[Rec] 2 is much more smarter than its predecessor,but not as scary because it tries to explain more.

Quarantine(2008)-2/10->Quarantine is a mot-a-mot remake of a fantastic film.Even if it is mot-a-mot,it has lousy acting and it isn't half as scary as the original.

Drive Angry(2011)-5/10->Drive Angry is fun and it does tell an interesting story but its acting is poor and the dialogue is crappy.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss's Song(1971)-8/10->Unique camerawork,the script and Peebles's direction and acting make this worth your while.Also,it has an amazing soundtrack.

Hobo With A Shotgun(2011)-7/10->Hobo With A Shotgun is a ton of fun and Hauer is amazing,but its plot is kind of bonkers.

Into The Wild(2007)-9.5/10->Deep and emotional,Into The Wild features wonderful camerawork,amazing dialogue and a gut-wrenching performance by Emile Hirsch,which might be considered his breakout performance.Also,it studies its main character very slowly and thoroughly.

Black Sheep(2006)-7/10->With its humor and unexpected grotesque violence,Black Sheep,turns out to be quite an enjoyable film.Also,it's completely lunatic,because it takes itself extremely seriously.

Pusher(1996)-8/10->Pusher builds up its pace slowly,but its acting and script make it worth while.And it does really stand out through its brutal storytelling.

Pusher II:With Blood On My Hands(2004)-9/10->More powerful than its predecessor,Pusher II is amazing because of its editing and Mads Mikkelsen's performance.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)-9/10->TTCM is pretty well acted and played through.Even if the first 30-40 minutes won't impress you,the last 20-30 will,because of their grotesque reality.

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger(2010)-8/10->YWMATDS is extremely funny and it features Anthony Hopkins's best performance in a long time.

Felidae(1994)-9/10->Felidae is bold,slick and thrilling,because if its constant suspense and talented voice cast.It may be considered to be animation's response to the noir genre.

Pusher III:I'm The Angel Of Death(2005)-8/10-Pusher III is darker than all of the other in the trilogy and it benefits from Zlatko Buric's best performance in all three of them.

Rubber(2010)-7/10->Amusing and it does feature a really smart premise,but if it weren't for the so-called "audience" sub-plot,Rubber would have been better.

Ray(2004)-9.5/10->Ray is beautiful,ecstatic due to its musical numbers and still,it is a haunting piece on redemption and addiction.Also,Jamie Foxx's performance is amazing.I think it's one of the best performances we've seen by now in biopics.

The Limey(1999)-8/10->Mysterious,subtle and smart,The Limey creates a thrilling atmosfere based only on the dialogue and acting.

Entre Les Murs(2008)-10/10->An incredible depiction of quite simple events,Entre Les Murs is energetic and it brings up moral matters that aren't usually discussed in class.Fantastic acting all around.

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wow! impressive work! and a great progress in writing and getting at the core of the films in a concise manner!