sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

26 August-1 September

Don't Drink The Water(1994)-6/10->It starts off well and it is hilarious,but its storyline gets extremely incoherent.

Mighty Aphrodite(1995)-8/10->With great acting,an interesting premise and great dramatic interventions from "The Chorus",Mighty Aphrodite is an OK Woody Allen movie.

Everyone Says I Love You(1996)-7/10->It's undeniably fun,it's very well cast and the songs are catchy,but this is light writing from Allen.

Deconstructing Harry(1997)-8/10->The editing is a bit chaotic,but Deconstructing Harry is unique,because of its incredible variation of well-made characters,fantastic dialogue and often times,narrative.

Celebrity(1998)-5/10->This is extremely messy,overlong and it even fails to entertain.The cast and the cinematography partially help.

Sweet And Lowdown(1999)-8/10->Penn and Morton have a lot of chemistry and they are great in this gentle and funny fake biopic,that is flawed in some spots,but it still works.

Small Time Crooks(2000)-8/10->This might seem to be one of Allen's funniest in the beginning,but towards the end it gets uneven.

The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion(2001)-5/10->This is often funny and it has a good premise,but it doesn't quite develop it and it poses more questions than it answers.Plus,the characters are flat.

Hollywood Ending(2002)-4/10->This is played out like a sequel to Celebrity.The only difference between them is that this is even more flawed than the other one.One of Allen's worst so far.

Anything Else(2003)-5/10->The characters are mostly likeable and some moments are funny,but this feels like a complete re-hash of Annie Hall and other great Allen films.

Melinda and Melinda(2004)-4/10->It has a good premise and OK acting,but it is poorly written and it has the vague impression that it is philosophical.

The Social Network(2010)-10/10->With a terrific performance from Eisenberg,fantastic editing and a killer and tensionate score,The Social Network is completely different from what we have seen before.Also,very insightful.

Match Point(2005)-9.5/10->A slow,well acted,classy and philosophical thriller.One of Allen's most different and best in years.

Scoop(2006)-5/10->There is chemistry between Johansson and Jackman,a couple of good jokes and yet again,a good premise,but it's poorly executed and unsatisfying.

Cassandra's Dream(2007)-5/10->Good acting can't make up for a light script and a tangled storyline.

Biutiful(2010)-10/10->Biutiful is a compelling and harsh (mostly harsh) story,which benefits from Bardem's best performance so far,great cinematography and editing,plus sharp directing from Inarritu.

Monster(2003)-8/10->This might be a little bit hard to watch for some viewers,but Theron's and Ricci's performances make it worth your while.

The Hebrew Hammer(2003)-8/10->With a creative premise,humor and a good performance by Goldberg,The Hebrew Hammer is above your average parody.

Party Monster:The Shockumentary(1998)-8/10->It is highly shocking and quite insightful,but it would have helped if it were longer and better edited.

Party Monster(2003)-7/10->It succeeds in re-creating the characters and Culkin pulls off a fantastic performance,but this doesn't quite match the depth of the directors's previous film,a documentary on the same subject.

Brain Dead(1992)-8/10->This is very funny and bloody,but it exaggerates with the gore.

Where The Buffalo Roam(1980)-2/10->Not even the acting can save this from its tedious script and childish execution.Just watch Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

Gonzo:The Life And Work of Hunter S. Thompson(2007)-9/10->A very insightful documentary on the works and life of a great jurnalist.

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