vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012

13-19 January

Arizona Dream(1993)-5/10->Good performances from Depp and Gallo,some beautiful imagery and a great soundtrack can't make up for a incoherent,aberrant and meaningless script.

Underground(1995)-6.5/10->Although lacking coherence in some moments and being overlong and quite formulaic,Underground is a funny and strangely compelling film about friendship,which benefits from Manojlovic's and Ristovi's great performances and good cinematography.

Play It Again,Sam(1972)-8/10->A hilarious film,with a top-notch performance from Woody Allen and a script that doesn't concentrate only on gags,but also on its heartbreaking story.

Paranormal Activity 3(2011)-7/10->Even though the only new thing it brings to the trilogy (soon to be franchise) is another shocker ending,Paranormal Activity 3 has Joost and Schulman which try to balance effective scares with a suspenseful and still intriguing story.

Proba De Microfon(1980)-8/10->With cynical characters interpreted by great actors,Microphone Test is a very realistic and feisty film about the social life and its destruction during the communist era.

Cleo De 5 a 7(1962)-9.5/10->Although the main character isn't particulary one to root for,Cleo From 5 to 7 still is a beautiful and profound character study,backed up by a powerful performance from Corinne Marchand,and an ode to Paris.

Day Of Wrath(1942)-6.5/10->While it might be too slow and senseless to some,Day Of Wrath is a film to watch due to the actors' performances,the intriguing premise and the beautiful imagery.

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