joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

31 December-12 January

The Double Life Of Veronique(1991)-4/10->Too slow and too illogical,the film does dazzle with its visuals,but there is nothing remotely interesting in the story.

Rampart(2011)-6.5/10->A very strange and interesting character study with one of the strongest performances of the year from Woody Harrelson,but the film has one major flaw:it goes nowhere.

The Flowers Of War(2011)-3/10->The battle scenes are fantastic and this is a good premise,but the acting is horrible and Yimou makes a big mistake,trying to combine two completely different things (too much melodrama and stylish violence) and he gets the one which is inappropiate for the movie,right.

Kill List(2011)-8/10->Labelling it as a horror would be a bit too much,seeing that there are no scares in the film,but Kill List still a very taut thriller which benefits from brutal moments,the score,the creepy atmosphere which Wheatley constructs and the ending which is completely uncalled for.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil(2011)-6/10->Blending humor,violence and emotions,Tucker & Dale vs Evil succeeds in being an above average comedy.

Dolphin Tale(2011)-1/10->Wooden acting,formulaic story and turnout,pointlessly melodramatic moments and the predictableness,shoot down the movie's seemingly likeable premise and make it an unbeareable experience.One of the worst films made in 2011.Avoid at all costs.

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