sâmbătă, 14 ianuarie 2012

Retrospective:Abbas Kiarostami

Close-Up(1990)-10/10->The "strange" atmosphere Kiarostami builds with only a seemingly simple subject,the way he unravels it slowly and how realistic it is,these three things are main perks of this fantastic film.

Life,And Nothing More...(1991)-8.5/10->Even though the line between reality and fiction is very thin,the combination between an interesting and compelling story,and terrific performances which highlight humanism is a succes.Also,the sights in the film are stunning

Through The Olive Trees(1994)-7/10->While it does lack some substance and it's the weakest film in Kiarostami's trilogy,Through The Olive Trees still is a special little film to watch.

Taste Of Cherry(1997)-7/10->A moving film about life with some beautiful imagery,a subtle and unexpected ending and a great performance from the lead,but the film fails to answer most of the questions it asks.

The Wind Will Carry Us(1999)-9/10->Mysterious and slow-moving,yet very rewarding,Kiarostami's film is almost perfect because of his already distinct style and the way the plot unveils.

Ten(2002)-8.5/10->A very compelling character study and also an intriguing film about the hard way of life of women in Iran.Still,not as deep as Kiarostami's previous films.

Shirin(2008)-2/10->Although the concept might seem interesting and engaging,Shirin is frustratingly slow,pretentious and might only work as a short film.We've all been in a cinema.There is no need for a film to be made about that.

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