joi, 2 februarie 2012

27 January-2 February

SLC Punk!(1998)-6/10->Although SLC Punk! lacks coherence,it has its moments of brilliance and originality and also Lillard gives a great performance

The Birth Of A Nation(1915)-2/10->Racist,overlong and pretentious,The Birth Of A Nation is a completely wrong vision on the actual birth of a nation.

The King Of Kings(1927)-4.5/10->The film is tedious,the characters and the way the story weaves out seem to be morally incorrect and the film's only praisable features are the imagery and art direction.

The Public Enemy(1931)-10/10->Cagney gives a fantastic performance and the film itself is one of the greatest and one of the first gangster movies ever made.

Angels With Dirty Faces(1938)-8.5/10->Cagney and Bogart's performances,Curtiz's direction and the ending make this a great film.

The Big Parade(1925)-10/10->Vidor combines a love story with war battles.The result?A fantastic film with great acting and iconic moments.A landmark in cinematography.

J. Edgar(2011)-5/10->Although DiCaprio's performance excels and the script is quite good(except for its extremely flawed narrative),J.Edgar loses a lot of points in technicality:horrifying make-up,bad lighting and sound editing.

The Crowd(1928)-8/10->A gripping and depressing movie,with touching acting from Murray and Boardman and a brilliant ending.

Delicatessen(1991)-7.5/10->Blending satire with horror,with futuristic and beautiful sets,Jeunet and Caro's film tries to be a tribute to 3 different genres and it could have totally succeeded if it were more coherent.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas(2011)-5.5/10->Although it's much better (in humor and sort-of in filmmaking) than the second installment,but it certaintly it isn't a good film. It's a fun film.

The Navigator(1924)-9/10->Surprising in story and funny,The Navigator's only flaw is that it is too short.

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