vineri, 10 februarie 2012

3-9 February

The General(1926)-8/10->Funny and heart-warming,Keaton's film uses subtle humor and a compelling story,the sort of a winning formula.

A Night At The Opera(1935)-8.5/10->Not as funny as Duck Soup,but much more concentrated on making art than Duck Soup,it shows major improvement from the Marx brothers.

The Gold Rush(1925)-10/10->Combining poetry with comedy,The Gold Rush succeeds in being one of the funniest films of all time.

The Great Dictator(1940)-10/10->This satire against fascism does not only provide a very important message,but also unique and subtle humor.

Monsieur Verdoux(1947)-6.5/10->While this concentrates more on the story than the gags and the script is very well written,Monsieur Verdoux is one of Chaplin's weaker films,being boring and quite disappointing in humor.

Limelight(1952)-8/10->Even though Chaplin makes an improvement on the balance between the humor and the drama,Limelight doesn't compare to Chaplin's best work which is only comedy.

The Brown Bunny(2003)-3/10->Although the premise is good and Gallo gives an amiable performance,this is a dull film,suffering from horrible direction.

Sherlock Holmes(2009)-4.5/10->Even though Downey Jr. fits the role perfectly and he gives a good performance and it's an entertaining film with great action scenes,Ritchie's signature direction has become flawed,him concentrating more on the fights than the plot.

The City Of Lost Children(1995)-5/10->The film is visually stunning and it has a lot of good ideas,but it never does develop them fully.

Roger Dodger(2002)-6/10->Even though the direction isn't too inspired,the script and the acting are great.

Monkey Business(1931)-7/10->It's quite disjointed,but this features the Marx brothers at the top of their comedic genius.

Summer Wars(2009)-4/10->The plot is incoherent,but Summer Wars is enjoyable because of its wonderful animation.

Helvetica(2007)-7/10->Although a bit overlong,Helvetica still is a fascinating and really insightful film on a seemingly small subject.

Trust(2010)-4/10->Trust benefits from a great cast which gives compelling performances,but Schwimmer doesn't develop anything new to this controversial subject matter.

24 Hour Party People(2002)-6/10->It does just brush over some important things,but Coogan gives a great performance and the atmosphere built by Winterbottom is fantastic and actually takes the viewer in those times.

The Trip(2010)-4/10->Coogan and Brydon give good performances and they do have some chemistry as friends,but except for their natural humor,this is a pointless and unengaging film.

Wuthering Heights(2011)-6/10->The cinematography is beautiful and the performances are good,but this slight adaptation of the famous novel is a bit too pretentious and unfocused.

Shotgun Stories(2007)-7.5/10->Poetic and benefiting from a great cast,Nichols's debut is a strong and compelling one,if not too clicheic.

The Royal Tenenbaums(2001)-7/10->The great cast and the quirky humor surpass the characters which are one dimensional.

Wet Hot American Summer(2001)-3/10->It's funny,but it is acted terribly and it never adds up to a coherent story.

High Fidelity(2000)-7/10->High Fidelity benefits from a great performance from Cusack,a strong narrative and a fantastic soundtrack,but the humor isn't that good.

A Man Escaped(1956)-10/10->Bresson builds a terrifying and suspenseful atmosphere with the use of only good performances and an excellent narrative.His second masterpiece,in a way.

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