duminică, 19 februarie 2012

10-16 February

Battleship Potemkin(1925)-7/10->Although it's dated,Battleship Potemkin stills is an important film,for it's innovative editing and some incredible scenes.

Strike(1925)-6/10->Even though it has a complex story,Strike tries to enforce its message too hard and some scenes are out of place.

October(1928)-7.5/10->Much more focused on its subject than Eisenstein's previous films and the action scenes remain as unsettling and iconic as before,his message becomes quite simple and repetitive.

Alexander Nevsky(1938)-4/10->The acting isn't good and the story is ruined by Eisenstein who tries so hardly to fit the propaganda in,but what this film loses in these departaments it makes up for in photography,music and mostly technicality.

Ivan The Terrible(1944-1958)-7.5/10->This is a bizarre,but special and epic rendition of a great story,with fascinating cinematography.

La Vida De Los Peces(2010)-4/10->The good acting,cinematography and soundtrack can't overcome the story which is slow,predictable and cliched.

Bleeder(1999)-7/10->The acting,Refn's great and stylized direction are enough to beat the almost average writing.

Flickering Lights(2000)-7/10->Even though it succesfully blends humor with drama and the premise and the acting are great,the conclusion is unsatisfying.

He Who Gets Slapped(1924)-6/10->The story isn't too good,but the visuals and Chaney's brilliant performance make it worth a watch.

The Wind(1928)-4.5/10->Even though it's cliched and too melodramatic,Gish's performance is stellar and the ending is great.

Straw Dogs(1971)-10/10->With Hoffman's performance and Peckinpah's direction and script,this controversial masterpiece doesn't only excel as a study in violence,but also one in psychology.Visceral.

J'Accuse(1919)-4/10->Although it's beautifully shot and Gance's direction is good,J'Accuse is incoherent and too long for its own good.

Lock,Stock And Two Smoking Barrels(1998)-7/10->The script isn't too focused,but Lock,Stock And Two Smoking Barrels benefits from plenty of good  black humor,well used violence and great stylized direction.

The Last Laugh(1924)-9.5/10->Murnau's innovative filmmaking techniques and Jannings's performance make this a classic,but still,there could have been a better ending.

Sunrise(1927)-10/10->A beautiful love story,backed up by wonderful cinematography and good acting,Sunrise is one of the last great silent films.

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