marți, 1 mai 2012

20-26 April

Littlerock(2010)-7/10->Littlerock is a smart and emotional (if not a bit too familiar) film,with good performances from the cast,but the cinematography is quite bad.

Slow Motion(1980)-6/10->Even though it is incoherent and sometimes a bit too gratuitous,Slow Motion is a deep and thought-provoking film about sexuality.

J'ai Tue Ma Mere(2009)-4/10->The director probably accomplishes his vision (a thing which the viewer should respect), but the film is often incoherent and dull.Also,the acting is too theatrical to be good or believable.

Jesus Of Montreal(1989)-3/10->Arcand treats its subject matter with banality and absolutely no subtlety and the only thing that sort of saves the film is the acting.

The Tree Of Wooden Clogs(1978)-7/10->It's too long and the subject is overly complicated,but Olmi does a fantastic job in getting great performances out of the non-professional actors he uses and the film possesses some sort of pictural beauty which incapsulates that period of time in which the characters live in.

Folie Privee(2004)-10/10->Folie Privee is a Haneke-derived minimalist masterpiece,with ruthless performances from the leads.The bleakest cinema.

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