luni, 4 iunie 2012

25-31 May

Father Of Invention(2011)-3/10->You might grin at some parts and Spacey does a good job as always,but the humor is mostly stale and the story is formulaic and predictable.

julien donkey-boy(1999)-8/10->Korine's unique blend of his own style and the Dogme-95 one,make this one of his strangest films up-to-date,but also one of his best,like Gummo.

Iron Sky(2012)-5.5/10->Iron Sky is a fun and dumb,unpredictable film,in which the humor and satire usually works.

Involuntary(2008)-7/10->Involuntary is episodic and random,but Ostlund does succeed in making what he wanted:a harsh,but also darkly funny portrait of everyday Swedish life.

Slacker(1991)-2/10->Slacker is a meandering and pseudo-philosophical catastrophy of a film,probably one of the worst debuts ever made by one of the most important directors of independent American cinema.

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