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Transilvania International Film Festival:11th Edition -> 1-10 June

Party Monster(2003)-7/10->It succeeds in re-creating the characters and Culkin pulls off a fantastic performance,but this doesn't quite match the depth of the directors's previous film,a documentary on the same subject.

Symbol(2009)-9/10->It has a really creative premise,it provides some sort of food-for-thought and the cinematography is quite beautiful,but the director's storytelling techniques are a bit questionable.Also,it's one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

Oslo,31 August(2011)-10/10->A powerful and gut-wrenching film,which benefits from Anders Danielsen Lie's performance,a smart script and mesmerizing cinematography.

Crulic:The Way To Beyond(2011)-4/10->Ivanov is spot-on as Crulic and the animation is fairly impressive,but it starts off messy,it ends up utterly incoherent and it tries too hard to be a poetic melodrama,even though there are some hilarious moments.

Best Intentions(2011)-10/10->

Sleeping Beauty(2011)-3/10->Even though,it's a great idea,Sleeping Beauty ultimately fails in giving us a conclusion,Browning is terrible and it just turns out utterly grotesque.

Dreileben:Beats Being Dead(2011)-7/10->It's a very strange love story,that doesn't really hold back,with good acting and some beautiful cinematography,but the ending is very unnecessary,confusing and unsatisfying.

Dreileben:Don't Follow Me Around(2011)-6/10->It's interesting to watch the main story and the actual crime story weave together and the acting is good,but as its predecessor it has huge problems with its ending and it sort of loses the viewer's interest in the last 20 minutes.

Dreileben:One Minute Of Darkness(2011)-5/10->Even though,this finally takes it's criminal character and develops it a lot,it switches to another one in the end for no particular reason and does almost nothing with it.Could have been a great ending to this very bizarre trilogy.

Mildred Pierce(2011)-6/10->It's quite faithful to the original,Winslet gives a terrific performance and it brings some sort of soothing nostalgia,but Mildred Pierce gets really slow and boring by the end.

The Shining(1980)-8/10->Some moments might be confusing,some might be ridiculous and it takes out a lot of parts from King's novel,but it brings out the essential in the source material,Nicholson gives an unforgettable,genuinely mad performance and Kubrick builds a fantastic atmosphere,by combining the score with effective scares and some elegance.

Michael(2011)-9/10->Schleinzer borrows most of his elements from Haneke's films:the characters,the pace,the bleakness and the conclusion,which "wrecks" its characters.Consider it to be an homage,for he brings some originality to the well-known style and it grasps the essence of it.

Vorbitor(2011)-9/10->With an inspired premise and two smart directors,Vorbitor is an original documentary and probably,one of the best Romanian films of 2011.Also,besides it being an emotional and insightful documentary,it's quite humourous from time to time.

This Is Not A Film(2011)-10/10->A powerful introspection into a director's interminable struggles,This Is Not A Film is a subtle rebellious message towards the oppression in Iran.

Tyrannosaur(2011)-8/10->A gripping,dark and brutal character-study,with A-class performances from the leads,especially the one from Mullan.

Vampyr(1932)-10/10->A perfect vampire film,Vampyr has all the elements:the eerie atmosphere,the strange side-characters and the surprisingly well-done effects.Also,the film benefits from a strong narrative,great editing and poetic and beautiful imagery.

Hugo(2011)-5/10->It is well acted and it expresses its love for cinema,but Hugo is quite puerile and poorly written for a film by one of American's greatest film directors.

Fear And Desire(1953)-6/10->It has Kubrick written all over it and the camerawork is beautiful,but the script is mostly a mess.

Spartacus(1960)-2/10->Spartacus is too incoherent and ridiculous and the cast gives wooden performances.The only amiable thing is the cinematography.Kubrick's worst.

Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Love The Bomb(1964)-8/10->Kubrick has made a biting satire which captures the strangeness that was the Cold War.

Headhunters(2011)-6/10->Headhunters is a smart and engaging action movie,that is also quite original.

The Ambassador(2011)-4/10->The Ambassador is obviously fake and the main character is unlikable,but the story and the outcome are interesting.

Alps(2011)-6/10->The acting and the script are good,but still Alps has some meandering and incoherent moments.Anyway,much better than Dogtooth.

Bonsai(2011)-5.5/10->Although the editing is fantastically done,the film suffers from too many jump-cuts,thus making the narrative of the film to be very fragmented.

The Delay(2012)-4/10->A dark and tedious film about old age,The Delay is a failed copy of De Sica's masterpiece,Umberto D..

Chapiteau Show(2011)-10/10->Chapiteau Show takes its seemingly simple four stories,connects them through the medium of the circus,and turns them into a surrealistic,emotional and humoristic ride.

Monsieur Lazhar(2011)-4/10->Monsieur Lazhar is a failed attempt to overcome the 2008 terrific teacher-student relation exploration,Entre Les Murs,because it is too discreet to exert its full potential.Still,impecably acted.

Las Acacias(2011)-8/10->Las Acacias is a slow,beautiful and intimate portrait of a relationship which grows more and more close,in the end,blooming into love.

Bestiaire(2012)-2/10->Bestiaire is beautifully shot,but spare your money for the ticket,because you can just go to the zoo and watch animals there.You'll have a more rewarding experience.That's how tedious it is.

Big Man Japan(2007)-5/10->Big Man Japan would've been better as a short film,seeing that only the fighting scenes and the creatures are original,because the rest of the story is confusing and boring.

Cafe De Flore(2011)-7/10->The narrative is incoherent at times,but Cafe De Flore is emotional,without being cheesy or formulaic,and very well acted.

Scabbard Samurai(2011)-7/10->Scabbard Samurai is another original and crazy film from actor/director Hitoshi Matsumoto.

Klip(2012)-8/10->Klip is an intimate and brutal look at adolescence and the growth of sexuality in that period of time.The editing and the acting are very good.

Thursday Till Sunday(2012)-5/10->The director  never gives the characters enough space to develop,thus the characters seem very one-sided and bland.Otherwise,their fate is unpredictable.

Without(2011)-7/10->A strange and unpredictable film,Jackson's debut speaks very widely and intelligently about solitude.Also,Jensen gives a top-notch performance.

The Other Side Of Sleep(2011)-4/10->It has a good premise and Campbell-Hughes is good,but Daly never makes the most of its' premise and never completely explores the fine line between reality and fantasy.Half of what it could have been.

The Exchange(2011)-8/10->Some might regard the film and the main character as absent-minded,but Kolirin's latest succeeds in putting us in the same state of mind as the character and just make us contemplate on how change affects us and the ones around us.

Either Way(2011)-6.5/10->Either Way is a fun and simple comedy,very nicely shot and told. It also has a great soundtrack.

Iron Sky(2012)-5.5/10->Iron Sky is a fun and dumb,unpredictable film,in which the humor and satire usually works.

Chasing Rainbows(2012)-4/10->Titieni gives a great performance and the film is beautifully shot,but the main actress is bad and the film is boring.

Just The Wind(2012)-10/10->Just The Wind is a powerful and impecably directed film,which makes the audience uncomfortable,not showing us anything shocking until the end.

Turn Me On,Goddammit!(2011)-3/10->Full of tasteless and strange humor,TMOG is a meandering and formulaic film.

Turn Off The Lights(2012)-5/10->It is very well-done as a documentary,but the narrative structure is confusing.

Twilight Portrait(2011)-6.5/10->Twilight Portrait is a tough film and the main character has no motivation for what it does,but the film is well acted and smart.

End Of The Night(2011)-4/10->It has some moments which are worthy of a Kitano film,but otherwise,the film is dull.

Killing Time(2012)-6/10->Killing Time is a competent melange of Tarantino wit and violence,and Romanian cinema,but Florin Piersic Jr. works much better just as a director and script-writer than an actor.

Stone Wedding(1972)-7/10->One of the segments chooses to be poetic,letting the cinematography build the story and the other one is lightweight,which bases itself more on humor and storytelling.

Of Snails And Men(2012)-7/10->Of Snails And Men is a smart comedy,which is very well written and the acting is mostly superb.

Elles(2011)-4/10->Elles is boring and unoriginal,never giving the audience enough insight on the subject or bringing something new to it.The only things which up the movie are Binoche's and Demoustier's performances and the cinematography.

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