joi, 15 septembrie 2011

09-15 September

Another Year(2010)-9/10->With a simplistic,yet intriguing premise,Leigh directs an often-humorous,unique story about life and love.Also,it benefits from fantastic performances from Broadbent and Manville.A bit overlong,though.

Kill The Irishman(2011)-7.5/10->Even though it fails to be realistic for time to time and some moments are overly theatrical,Hensleigh succeeds in directing an insightful picture on the life of a mobster that just wouldn't die.Also,Stevenson and D'Onofrio give confident performances.

Everything Must Go(2010)-9/10->This is a sweet,little film with Ferrell in his best shape,a great performance from newcomer Christopher Jordan Wallace,smart dialogue and intelligent humor.

Attack The Block(2011)-9/10->Thrilling from the first five minutes,till the last,this is a stylish sci-fi flick with some hilarious moments.Also,extremely gory and unpredictable.

One Hour Photo(2002)-8/10->This features Robin Williams in his creepiest performance ever and it has unpredictable twists.

The Believer(2001)-8/10->A smart and tense film which is sustained by Gosling's terrific performance.

The International(2009)-6/10->It's beautifully shot,competently edited,Owen gives a good performance and the Guggenheim action scene is fantastic,but The International ends up being incoherent,it's premise is not believable at all and the ending is unsatisfying.

The Adjustment Bureau(2011)-4/10->Damon is great and this has a very intriguing premise,but the premise is underdeveloped and debutant director Nolfi fails in building a coherent and steady storyline.

The Guard(2011)-10/10->Half comedy,half thriller,Donagh succeeds in setting the right tone when he has to and this benefits from genuine Irish humor and Gleeson's performance and character.Also,it's a very quotable movie.

13 Tzameti(2005)-10/10->Babluani succeeds in crafting a Hitchcockian atmosphere by combining the score with the stunning cinematography.Other than that,it works as a suspenseful and smart thriller,but it also works as an unflinchingly violent social commentary.

2046(2004)-5/10->Doyle's cinematography is as appealing as it will ever be and Leung gives a fine performance,but Kar Wai doesn't succeed in doing what he wants,which is re-creating the atmosphere in "In The Mood For Love" and he makes this feel like a bad re-hash.

Eros(2004)-3/10->Antonioni's segment is incoherent and meaningless,even though it's beautifully shot.Soderbergh's segment has a good premise and the dialogue is smart,but the ending is disappointing and also the quantity of erotic content is disappointing.Kar-Wai's segment is the only one that succeeds in living up to the title of this omnibus and it also has good acting and fantastic cinematography.

The Last Exorcism(2010)-6/10->This has good twists and good acting,but it isn't half as scary as it should be.

Innocence(2004)-9/10->This has a very original premise,good acting and outstanding cinematography,but this gets too bizarre and a bit too long.

Mean Machine(2001)-5/10->This is a good take on the original,the humor is ok and the acting is great,but it's cliched and it isn't able to set the tone right. 

Haute Tension(2001)-6.5/10->Indeed it's very suspenseful,very gory and DeFrance pulls off a great performance,but the ending is too unbelievable.

Morvern Callar(2002)-8/10->With stunning cinematography,great editing and Morton giving out her best,Morvern Callar turns out to be an unique film.

Tilva Ros(2010)-8.5/10->This is a harsh portrayal of friendship,that excels because of its capability to be truthful,good acting and killer cinematography.

Loverboy(2011)-4/10->The cinematography is beautiful and Pistereanu shows us yet again that he is one of the most important rising stars in the Romanian film industry,but Loverboy is utterly predictable and most of the dialogue is too dull and uninspired.

Le Gamin Au Velo(2011)-9/10->This is a very bleak film with top-notch performances from its leads and it's beautifully filmed,but the ending is highly unsatisfying.

Oslo,31 August(2011)-10/10->A powerful and gut-wrenching film,which benefits from Anders Danielsen Lie's performance,a smart script and mesmerizing cinematography.

Eldfjall(2011)-8/10->Even though this is a simplistic matter of subject and it feels a bit empty in some places,Eldfjall still surprises us with a fantastic performance from Juliusson,terrific cinematography and a shocking ending.

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