joi, 8 septembrie 2011

2-8 September

Symbol(2009)-9/10->It has a really creative premise,it provides some sort of food-for-thought and the cinematography is quite beautiful,but the director's storytelling techniques are a bit questionable.Also,it's one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

Horrible Bosses(2011)-8/10->With unpredictable twists,a perfect cast and its terrific humor,this might be 2011's funniest movie.

Life In A Day(2011)-10/10->Life In A Day is very special due to its editing,visuals and its capability to proove that people today still have a creative mind.

Midnight In Paris(2011)-10/10->Allen returns with a fantastic premise,a great cast and some of his best dialogue better.One of his best.All time.

Notre Jour Viendra(2010)-8/10->Cassel's performance,the cinematography and an interesting premise,surpass some of its dialogue's flaws. 

Red State(2011)-9/10->With a sublime performance from Parks,good cinematography and tense dialogue,Red State comes out as a shocking and harsh social commentary on religion and its effects on people.Truly frightening. 

Barney's Version(2010)-9/10->This might be a bit too long,but Giamatti and Hoffman are great,the score is fantastic and the magnificent cinematography make up for it.Great ending,too.

Russian Ark(2002)-6/10->It's an interesting concept the cinematography is great and the narrative part is good,but this gets tedious quite soon.

Bungalow(2002)-9/10->Stunning cinematography,good acting and sharp direction make up for the unrealistic premise.

Windows On Monday(2006)-9.5/10->Even though the premise is quite simple,the unpredictablity of the turning of the situations after the beginning that is combined by Kohler with some terrific character study,make this a great piece of art.

Sleeping Sickness(2011)-9/10->The cinematography is stunning,the premise is good and the acting,too,but this could have been more exciting.The ending is also,great.

The Forest For The Trees(2003)-10/10->With a fantastic performance from Lobau and a simple premise,Ade turns this into a bleak character study which resembles Haneke's earlier work.Touching,yet unsettling.

Everyone Else(2009)-9/10->Ade succeeds in unraveling this slowly,but even though it is quite slow,this captures our attention with the cinematography,good acting and intelligent dialogue.Also the ending ,but this is not as bleak as her previous film.

Vegas(2009)-8/10->The idea is original,the cinematography is truly impressive and the acting is great.It's only flaw might be its unsatisfying ending.

Zero(2009)-6/10->This is overlong and unecessarily messy,but Borowski does an OK job developing the intriguing premise and the cinematography is good.

Friends With Benefits(2011)-9/10->Kunis and Timberlake have strong chemistry and Gluck adds smart dialogue and really funny humor.Worthy follow-up (for Gluck) to Easy A.

New York,I Love You(2009)-4/10->This doesn't even respect the rules of the original idea.This is formulaic and really the writing is really farfetched.

Bad News Bears(1976)-8.5/10->Matthau gives a great performance and this is quite the controversial kid comedy.

Bad News Bears(2005)-5/10->It certainly is more profane than the original and Thornton is as great as Matthau,but this is less exciting and not as funny as the original.

13 Assassins(2010)-10/10->This is a stylish,bold and bloody action flick.It might be a little overlong,but this isn't boring due to Miike's capability to create suspense.Also,the battle scene towards the end,might be one of the most competently made battle scenes ever.

Balada Triste De Trompeta(2010)-9/10->An overly-violent black comedy with clowns.Terribly funny,well-acted and benefits from Iglesia's sharp direction.Also,smarter than you might think.

Pina 3D(2011)-10/10->The most human and touching(no pun intended) 3D experience,we've seen so far.Wenders combines eye-candy with heartfelt confessions.One of the year's best.

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