joi, 22 septembrie 2011

16-22 September

Drive(2011)-10/10->A tense and overly violent thriller,that strikes us because of its very special cinematography,Refn's unique directing style and Gosling's powerful performance.This is the sort of films that should be made these days.Perfect.

Suicide Room(2011)-2/10->With bad acting and incoherent storytelling,Suicide Room shows us how   an interesting premise can go terribly wrong in the first half hour of a film.

Silent Souls(2010)-9/10->It might be too slow-paced for some(even though it runs just under 80 minutes),but Silent Souls is eerily beautiful,it benefits from a strong narrative and it's an ultimately,thought-provoking experience.

Melancholia(2011)-10/10->Though the concept might seem ridiculous to some,Melancholia's visuals are extremely unique and the acting is fantastic.   

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