vineri, 2 martie 2012

17 February-1 March

The Green Butchers(2003)-7/10->Even the subject is a bit too grim,The Green Butchers is a well done black comedy with good performances from Mikkelsen and Haas.

Lars And The Real Girl(2007)-5/10->The film does have a good premise and Gosling's performance is quite good,but the script could have been better because in the last half of the movie the jokes are starting to get repetitive and the movie lags a lot.

The Secret World Of Arrietty(2011)-8/10->Detailed and beautiful animation and a good and intriguing story make this another great film from Studio Ghibli.

Kidulthood(2006)-6/10->Even though it's a bit formulaic,farfetched and it isn't as realistic as it thinks it is,it still is a bleak film,with good performances from its leads and a mostly smart script.

Wolf Creek(2005)-5.5/10->Although it is dull in some parts and the ending is quite bad,Jarrat's character is a special and fascinating one and he gives a hell of a performance.Also,for a horror film,Wolf Creek is quite beautifully and well shot.

Haywire(2011)-7/10->Although the story gets too tangled up towards the end,the acting is good,the fighting scenes are impressive and Soderbergh imprints his usual filmmaking style on the spy-thriller genre.

Dealer(2004)-10/10->Dealer is a bleak contemporary masterpiece with a brilliant performance from Keresztes,a slow and gut-wrenching pace,beautiful restrained cinematography and a perfect script.

The Muppets(2011)-7/10->The Muppets is funny,smart written,nostalgic and classic family fare,filled with new and old characters all of them being well done.

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia(2011)-6/10->Although the second half of the film lags a lot and the ending is unsatisfactory,Ceylan builds a strong and complex narrative and it is a beautifully shot film.

Hugo(2011)-5/10->It is well acted and it expresses its love for cinema,but Hugo is quite puerile and poorly written for a film by one of American's greatest film directors. 

My Week With Marilyn(2011)-6/10->Williams does succeed in capturing the best of Marilyn Monroe,Branagh gives a good performance as Olivier,but the storytelling is unfocused.

Death Of A Cyclist(1955)-8/10->Even though it's a bit too melodramatic,Death Of A Cyclist is a  beautifully shot and smartly written film.

Made In Britain(1982)-8/10->Made In Britain is a brutal social commentary,benefiting from an incredible debut performance from Roth and some great,gritty writing by David Leland.

Noi The Albino(2003)-7/10->The dark humor,Lemarquis's performance and Kari's direction save the film from its wrong pacing.

All The Real Girls(2003)-2/10->The acting is bad,the script is a mess and even though it tries to be better than the usual Hollywood romantic movies it ends up being worse.

The Yellow Sea(2010)-7.5/10->The Yellow Sea is a gritty thriller,with entertaining action sequences,a compelling story and some good acting.A bit overlong though.

My Little Princess(2010)-4/10->Huppert gives a good performance and it does have a great premise,but the script is messy and unfocused.

House Of Games(1987)-6/10->The acting isn't too good,but Mamet's script is filled with smart dialogue and unpredictability.

Edmond(2005)-3/10->Macy gives a great performance,but Edmond is a poorly written Mamet play which is never sure what sort of movie it is.

And Now For Something Completely Different(1971)-7/10->It's mostly a serie of skits,but it's a serie of funny,well-acted skits.

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