marți, 29 mai 2012

18-24 May

Klip(2012)-8/10->Klip is an intimate and brutal look at adolescence and the growth of sexuality in that period of time.The editing and the acting are very good.

Thursday Till Sunday(2012)-5/10->The director  never gives the characters enough space to develop,thus the characters seem very one-sided and bland.Otherwise,their fate is unpredictable.

Import/Export(2007)-10/10->Import/Export is a bleak and tough film about life,never expressed from an optimistic point of view and the camerawork only helps the film get more bleak by showing us beautiful,yet miserable paintings.Raw,yet brilliant work.

Without(2011)-7/10->A strange and unpredictable film,Jackson's debut speaks very widely and intelligently about solitude.Also,Jensen gives a top-notch performance.

Sous Le Soleil De Satan(1987)-7/10->It treats religion very conventionally,but Depardieu gives a strong performance and Pialat knows how to keep the audience tensionate about the priest's beliefs.

The Other Side Of Sleep(2011)-4/10->It has a good premise and Campbell-Hughes is good,but Daly never makes the most of its' premise and never completely explores the fine line between reality and fantasy.Half of what it could have been.

The Exchange(2011)-8/10->Some might regard the film and the main character as absent-minded,but Kolirin's latest succeeds in putting us in the same state of mind as the character and just make us contemplate on how change affects us and the ones around us.

Either Way(2011)-6.5/10->Either Way is a fun and simple comedy,very nicely shot and told. It also has a great soundtrack.

My Joy(2010)-6/10->My Joy is often incoherent,but the beautiful cinematography and the bleak poetry of the story help the viewer overlook its' flaws.

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