duminică, 25 martie 2012

Bucuresti International Film Festival B-EST 8th Edition

La Source Des Femmes(2011)-5/10->Humor,pictural beauty and good acting can't overcome the messy storytelling.

Julia's Eyes(2010)-5/10->Julia's Eyes is good and thrilling fun,but the uncountable twists bring down the film.

Sette Opere Di Misericordia(2011)-6/10->The directors build up a suitable atmosphere and Melinte gives a good performance,but the film is too slow.Still,it's an OK debut.

Presume Coupable(2011)-8/10->With a devastating central performance from Torrenton,a great subject and a terrific ending,Presume Coupable is one of 2011 unexpected successes.

Snowtown(2011)-7.5/10->Kurzel knows how to build up tension and a proper atmosphere for this brutal,bleak and strangely,but beautifully shot film.

Les Geants(2011)-7/10->It's funny,beautifully shot and it's a great coming-of-age story,but the ending is very bad.

Hugo(2011)-5/10->It is well acted and it expresses its love for cinema,but Hugo is quite puerile and poorly written for a film by one of American's greatest film directors. 

The Yellow Sea(2010)-7.5/10->The Yellow Sea is a gritty thriller,with entertaining action sequences,a compelling story and some good acting.A bit overlong though.

Tyrannosaur(2011)-8/10->A gripping,dark and brutal character-study,with A-class performances from the leads,especially the one from Mullan.

Martha Marcy May Marlene(2011)-7/10->While lacking originality and a bit of strength in Durkin's directing,the film still benefits from fantastic performances(especially from new-comer Elizabeth Olsen and Hawkes) and a haunting,smart,psychological story.

Submarine(2010)-10/10->This a quirky and sweet chronicle of true romantic love,backed up by great performances,a strong narrative,mesmerizing imagery and a suitable soundtrack.

This Must Be The Place(2011)-6.5/10->Sean Penn gives a terrific performance,the cinematography is beautiful and the quirk is good,but Sorrentino's storytelling is very light.

Red State(2011)-9/10->With a sublime performance from Parks,good cinematography and tense dialogue,Red State comes out as a shocking and harsh social commentary on religion and its effects on people.Truly frightening. 

Shame(2011)-6/10->Although Fassbender is phenomenal and the cinematography is beautiful,the story has uneven pacing and it is quite predictable.Also,the directing isn't terrific.

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