sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

2-8 March

Goon(2012)-6/10->Scott gives a good performance which is very different from his usual and the movie is funny,but also kind of compelling.

In The Land Of Blood And Honey(2011)-1/10->It does have a good premise,but it's shot down by a horrible script,bad direction and wooden acting.

Young Adult(2011)-7.5/10->It is very predictable,but Cody's script is honest,funny and one of the best from 2011,Theron gives a great performance and Reitman helps the film with the indie touch he gave to Juno.

James And The Giant Peach(1996)-6/10->Although it's much more lighter than Selick's debut,James And The Giant Peach still is a fun adaptation of Dahl's novel.

Chronicle(2012)-6/10->The first hour of the film is original,well acted and smartly written,but in the last 25 minutes of the film,Chronicle becomes predictable and quite ridiculous.

Distant(2002)-8.5/10->Distant is a beautiful,yet haunting contemplation on life,with little dialogue,but so much to say.

The Untouchables(1987)-4/10->The script is OK and De Niro shines as Al Capone,but De Palma's direction and the rest of the acting are bad.

Quick Change(1990)-3/10->It is funny and entertaining in the first 30 minutes,but afterwards it becomes too unfocused and the story too contrived.

Eastern Promises(2007)-8/10->Brilliant performances from Mortensen and Mueller-Stahl and Cronenberg's direction make this another fantastic,compelling crime-thriller from Cronenberg.

The Verdict(1982)-7/10->Newman's and Rampling's performances and Mamet's complex script overcome the film's predictability.

The Grey(2012)-4/10->The photography is beautiful and Neeson gives a good performance,but The Grey has a bad cliched script.

Teorema(1968)-10/10->The subject is very well analysed,but very hard to explain,for Pasolini has made his main character an enigmatic symbol.Also,the acting is great and the photography is fantastic.

Mamma Roma(1962)-9/10->Magnani's bravura performance electrifies this compelling neo-realist drama.

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