luni, 19 martie 2012

9-15 March

Detachment(2011)-6/10->Detachment benefits from some fantastic acting from the whole cast and a good script,but Kaye's direction isn't too good.

Naked Lunch(1991)-5/10->Cronenberg pulls off the vibe of the book and Weller gives a good performance,but the film is utterly incomprehensible.

My Winnipeg(2007)-10/10->My Winnipeg is more of a cinematographic essay than anything else,but the eerie atmosphere and Maddin's original script and direction make this a fantastic film.

Principii De Viata(2010)-7/10->It is a bit too long and the ending is not really good,but Ivanov's performance and the well-written script make this a compelling and realistic film.

Hawks And Sparrows(1966)-8/10->Pasolini's film is a humorous offbeat comedy,but also a intelligent commentary on Marxism and Christianity.

Oedipus Rex(1967)-10/10->Pasolini's adaptation of Sophocle's famous tragedy,is one of his most underrated films and actually some of his best work,for here he has filmed something a lot more coherent than the rest of his films.Also,some of his best visuals are found here.

Bad Boys 2(2003)-2/10->The action sequences are fantastic,but the punchlines,the directing and the acting are horrible and the script is cliched and formulaic.

Accattone(1961)-10/10->Pasolini's debut is a very bleak,compelling and complex character study,which benefits from a terrific performance from Citti.

Les Geants(2011)-7/10->It's funny,beautifully shot and it's a great coming-of-age story,but the ending is very bad.

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