sâmbătă, 24 martie 2012

16-22 March

Fear And Desire(1953)-6/10->It has Kubrick written all over it and the camerawork is beautiful,but the script is mostly a mess.

Kasaba(1997)-6/10->It isn't an outstanding debut,but Kasaba has its special moments.

Ossos(1997)-8/10->Ossos is a slow,complex and very detailed character study,backed up by serene cinematography and raw acting.

In Vanda's Room(2000)-7/10->It's a bit too slow and overlong,but it's hauntingly beautiful and Costa uses his prior film subject to go even deeper in it.

Colossal Youth(2006)-10/10->The last part of Pedro Costa's Fontainhas Trilogy is the most depressing and strange,but the most intimate and beautiful.A film so humane it almost reaches the depth of Bergman's Wild Strawberries.

Spartacus(1960)-2/10->Spartacus is too incoherent and ridiculous and the cast gives wooden performances.The only amiable thing is the cinematography.Kubrick's worst.

Beyond The Black Rainbow(2012)-6/10->It does lack a lot of coherence,but it's visually stunning and it does have a good premise.

O Sangue(1989)-8/10->A great debut for Costa,this minimalist film is very different from his later work,but it still is beautiful,captivating and compelling.

Casa De Lava(1994)-5/10->Even though this is Costa's most pictural film,it's story is utterly incoherent.

Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Love The Bomb(1964)-8/10->Kubrick has made a biting satire which captures the strangeness that was the Cold War.

King Of New York(1990)-5.5/10->There's more shooting than storytelling,but Ferrara directs with style and Walken gives a ruthless performance.

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