sâmbătă, 19 mai 2012

11-17 May

Battle In Heaven(2005)-4/10->Too pretentious to be artsy or provocative,Battle In Heaven has some beautiful and poetic moments,but the rest of the film is tedious.

The Delay(2012)-4/10->A dark and tedious film about old age,The Delay is a failed copy of De Sica's masterpiece,Umberto D..

The Avengers(2012)-6/10->The Avengers is all bullets,but almost no brains and the movie is quite overlong,the first half being quite slow.

An Autumn Afternoon(1962)-9/10->Ozu's last film is great,showing us,yet again,scenes from real life,which are relatable,but interesting and this might be the film which sums up the greatness of his work.

Chapiteau Show(2011)-10/10->Chapiteau Show takes its seemingly simple four stories,connects them through the medium of the circus,and turns them into a surrealistic,emotional and humoristic ride.

Monsieur Lazhar(2011)-4/10->Monsieur Lazhar is a failed attempt to overcome the 2008 terrific teacher-student relation exploration,Entre Les Murs,because it is too discreet to exert its full potential.Still,impecably acted.

Las Acacias(2011)-8/10->Las Acacias is a slow,beautiful and intimate portrait of a relationship which grows more and more close,in the end,blooming into love.

Bestiaire(2012)-2/10->Bestiaire is beautifully shot,but spare your money for the ticket,because you can just go to the zoo and watch animals there.You'll have a more rewarding experience.That's how tedious it is.

Big Man Japan(2007)-5/10->Big Man Japan would've been better as a short film,seeing that only the fighting scenes and the creatures are original,because the rest of the story is confusing and boring.

Cafe De Flore(2011)-7/10->The narrative is incoherent at times,but Cafe De Flore is emotional,without being cheesy or formulaic,and very well acted.

Scabbard Samurai(2011)-7/10->Scabbard Samurai is another original and crazy film from actor/director Hitoshi Matsumoto.

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