duminică, 6 mai 2012

27 April-3 May

Polisse(2011)-6/10->Even though the script tries to avoid telling its central story right,by building others,the cast is terrific and it's an emotional and touching film.

The Temptation Of St. Tony(2009)-10/10->This tribute to Lynch and Tarr might be slow,but Ounpuu combines the beautiful black-and-white imagery with smart satire and some of his own bizarre touches.A very interesting film.

Clouds Of May(1999)-6/10->Clouds Of May is very similar to Ceylan's previous film Kasaba,but he fails to deliver some new elements to it.The story is good,but very unengaging.

21 Jump Street(2012)-6/10->Miller and Lord deliver a comedy which is both fresh and emotional,trying to entertain the audience,while also making them feel some compassion for the characters and also identify with them.One of the few latest comedies which actually succeeds in doing that.

This Means War(2012)-2/10->This Means War is a formulaic and dumb film,with bad editing and bad performances from the otherwise,good cast.

Week-End(1967)-8/10->You never know in what kind of order does Godard choose to tell his story,but Weekend's surprising humor,its' message on consumerism and how the film has kept itself over the ages make this more than worth watching.

A Bout De Souffle(1960)-8/10->There always have to be some ruptures in a Godard movie and they are not always welcome,but A Bout De Souffle is an influential and unique love story with great performances from Belmondo and Seberg.

Intouchables(2011)-4/10->Intouchables is cheesy,predictable and cliched,so the good humor and the acceptable acting can't save the film.

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