luni, 14 mai 2012

4-10 May

The Man Who Will Come(2009)-3/10->It is well acted and the plot is interesting,but The Man Who Will Come is too dull and episodic.

Fright Night(2011)-5/10->Fright Night is a gory film,with good performances from Yelchin and Farrell,but for dumb entertainment,it feels too long. 

Siegfried(1924)-4/10->Siegfried is long and dull,but it's impressive from a production-value point of view.

Crazy,Stupid,Love(2011)-5/10->Crazy,Stupid,Love is a smartly written comedy,but the film isn't as crazy or as good as the debut of Requa and Ficarra.

L'Age Atomique(2012)-6/10->Atomic Age is a succesful mash-up of Gus Van Sant's honesty and up-close way with which he treats his characters' sexuality with,and minimalism,but it is very disjointed.

The Ambassador(2011)-4/10->The Ambassador is obviously fake and the main character is unlikable,but the story and the outcome are interesting.

Alps(2011)-6/10->The acting and the script are good,but still Alps has some meandering and incoherent moments.Anyway,much better than Dogtooth.

Bonsai(2011)-5.5/10->Although the editing is fantastically done,the film suffers from too many jump-cuts,thus making the narrative of the film to be very fragmented.

Get The Gringo(2012)-5/10->Get The Gringo shows us Mel Gibson at his best,but Get The Gringo is full of too many useless twists.

God Bless America(2011)-5/10->God Bless America starts off well with some smart satire,but in the last half,it fails in bringing something new or remotely funny.Also,the ending is predictable.

The Sitter(2011)-4/10->The Sitter is formulaic and Jonah Hill pulls off his usual performance,but the humor is OK.

Coriolanus(2011)-7/10->Fiennes's adaptation of Shakespeare's play is overlong,but it is fantastically acted and beautifully shot.A good adaptation.

The Color Wheel(2011)-7.5/10->The Color Wheel is full of fresh indie quirk and great characters,in a strange package.Possibly one of last year's most underrated indies.

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