vineri, 18 noiembrie 2011

11-17 November

Immortals 3D(2011)-4/10->The visuals are stunning(even though Singh doesn't have a clear idea on how to use 3D),Rourke is a hell of a villain and the ending is unpredictable,but still,Immortals is a mess,with everything reminding us of a better film.Snyder's 300.

Michael(2011)-9/10->Schleinzer borrows most of his elements from Haneke's films:the characters,the pace,the bleakness and the conclusion,which "wrecks" its characters.Consider it to be an homage,for he brings some originality to the well-known style and it grasps the essence of it.

Intolerance(1916)-9.5/10->It's very ambitious and demanding of its viewers,but still Intolerance is one of the pillars of dramatic film,it stands for it's title and it's faithfullness to his main theme.

The Birch Wood(1970)-8/10->It's a beautiful and heartbreaking film,backed up by good performances and great cinematography,even though it isn't too insightful on its characters.

Catfish(2010)-8/10->A true nail-biter,this builds up slowly,until it's totally unpredictable conclusion. It's main flaw being the ending,which makes the viewer question the reality of the film.Still remains,a gripping mystery.

Kids(1995)-3/10->Although Kids should be a harsh social commentary and it should make us feel some sort of strange compassion to its characters,Kids ends up being just shocking and the characters are truly despicable.And as Rita Kempley from Washington Post puts it Kids "is virtually child pornography disguised as a cautionary documentary".

Half Baked(1998)-5/10->Even though some of the jokes fall flat and the script is uneven,most of the humor is hilarious and Chappelle has enough charisma to turn this into an almost acceptable comedy. 

This Is Spinal Tap(1984)-9/10->It's a hilarious mockumentary and it actually is insightful on the absurdity of the rock-and-roll world.Almost flawless.

Election(1999)-7/10->Election is a film with dark humor,with genuine characters and great performances from Broderick and Witherspoon,but has its dull moments and it is only a small glimpse of what Payne can do.

Memories(1995)-7/10->Magnetic Rose is some sort of "2001:A Space Odyssey" and it captures that type of atmosphere with its story and great visuals.Stink Bomb is somewhat humorous,but it is repetitive.Cannon Fodder is the segment that shines,with a consistent suspenseful tone and a stunnning story.

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